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Iggy Azalea Says She Doesn’t Want To Marry A Cheater

Iggy Azalea and Swaggy P’s engagement was rumored to be on thin ice after a tape leaked of him admitting to some extra curricular activities. Then this week it was suggested the video D’Angelo Russell made of Nick Young confessing he cheated on Iggy Azalea leaked as the result of someone in Nicki Minaj’s camp … A claim that many, INCLUDING Iggy gave the side-eye.

Iggy hit back at the rumor by calling it foolishness — as farfetched as unicorns and aliens and just another attempt to pit two women against each other.

And while rumor has it that Swaggy P is in a panic trying to keep Iggy by his side — she claims she’s actually laughing about the story.

Nick Young Cheats Tweet

But apparently the cheating is no laughing matter. She addressed another fan’s concerns about a girl who claims she has proof Nick has cheated saying she isn’t trying to marry someone unfaithful.

So where does that leave Nick Young?

Hit the flip for her answer on what’s currently up with her and Nick.

Current relationship status = Chillin

But it seems like Nick has plenty of hope of working it out.

As much as Iggy tried to play it cool she did get a little combative with at least one fan!

Damn Iggy…

In the meantime, as of yesterday Nick was still taking shots at his teammate D’Angelo Russell

Is he only hurting his case by continuing to bash Russell?

Matt Barnes gave his 2 cents — while firing shots of his own… Damn the NBA is messy AF

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