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Get To Know Teedra Moses

After an intense Atlanta show Teedra Moses carved out time to chat with BOSSIP about her confidence as an unapologetic grown as s***” songstress.

“It’s not something distinctively new that I’m trying to give out, I think I’m just confident now,” said Moses. “I’m just like ‘yo this is what it is’. I’m not trying to win you over rather than I’m welcoming you. You’re invited. If you come, you come, if you don’t, nobody’s mad.

[It’s] kind of like a level of confidence that I didn’t have when I started because it was new. Now I’m just grown as sh*t and I’m very secure in who I am and what I’m representing and that lane that that is. I’m not trying to jump in anybody else’s lane. So I think at this point it’s just a little bit more solid.”

It’s clear when she’s on stage that she is indeed solid in her craft, even through what she admittedly states was a turbulent show. That however didn’t stop her talent and the genuineness of her music from shining.

“Really it was a bit of a mess, a lot of the behind the scenes things were really falling apart,” Teedra told BOSSIP. “But when I get on stage I don’t really think about that. I think about the connection with the people. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on behind me. I don’t concern myself with that when I get on stage. I really want to make somebody feel good because they didn’t come here for my problems, they came here to get away from their own.”

Her diverse fanbase reflects this notion of authenticity and Teedra is never surprised by who she finds singing along to her music because her honesty attracts a broad range of different people.

“From the beginning there’s been such a broad range. Like, you have ratchet girls with gold teeth and tattoos, lawyers, doctors, stush girls that don’t wanna show their stush side. Tough guys, to gay guys singing along. White; black. Every time I do a show in New York there’s a group of people who come from Paris, I’m never surprised. It’s very hard for me to be surprised. Because what I’ve learned is that if you make music from an honest place, it honestly can reach anybody. There’s no face to it.”

The New Orleans native gives a nod to her hometown for adding that sense of honesty to her sound.

See how she says the city affected her musical growth on the next page.



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