1, 2, Shade: Ciara And Future’s Evolution From Loving Couple To Petty Exes

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Ciara and Future were once madly in love. Nothing could tear them apart and they had a baby together. Now they are at odds with Ciara not even able to mention his name. Yikes. How did we get here? Take a look at the timeline of Petty.

We first got a glimpse of Ciara’s petty when she had a little feud with Rihanna. Ciara blasted Rihanna on an E! show: “I ran into her recently at a party…She wasn’t the nicest.”

That happened out of nowhere, leading to a nasty Twitter spat. But it’s clear Ciara started it.

But it didn’t end there…TWO WHOLE YEARS LATER Ciara hopped on Twitter to let the chopper fly.


Ciara dated Amare Stoudamire and was so heartbroken that she posted this message to him…on Instagram. AFTER he proposed to his girlfriend. Messy, Messy.

50 Cent sent this tweet out randomly, months after he and Ciara broke up and she dropped this comment on the sly.

We peeped that.

Then she met Future. And all seemed right with the world.

They were in love. Nothing could tear them apart.

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    Ciara strolls thru New York City with baby Future Zahir.

    They even had a baby together. And named that baby Future. Tender time.

    Rihanna parties at Finale with Future and more

    Then things started to get petty. There were rumors that Ciara was having some fidelity issues so Future went out the next night and started partying with Rihanna…who had a previous run-in with Ciara.


    Then there were rumors of Ciara and Future breaking up do to Future’s infidelity this time. And the relationship was a wrap and petty levels were very high.

    Russell Ciara Future

    Soon after the break-up, Ciara moved on to Russell Wilson. That didn’t sit well with Future.

    Russell Ciara Future

    Ciara showed up to training camp and had Russell Wilson hold Baby Future. Some people think Ciara was being petty and wanting to hurt Future. Others thought it was normal. Future wasn’t a fan.

    Future responded by tweeting and telling people he wanted his son to knock Russ out.

    Ciara Russell Wilson Future

    Then when we found out that Russell Wilson and Ciara were celibate, Future let everyone know that he’d actually hit it plenty of times and they prayed after. But he was sure to remind people he was tapping that a$$ first.


    Future wasn’t done…he dropped a whole damn mixtape minutes before Russell Wilson got eliminated from the playoffs by the Carolina Panthers.

    Future also went on a long Twitter rant explaining how doesn’t get to see his son…blaming Ciara for it all. Not the best or most reasonable move, buddy.


    Ciara had enough…she finally took Future to court. Is it petty? Is it necessary? No one really knows.


    Then Ciara ended up unable to even say her baby daddy’s name while announcing nominees for the Billboard awards. Think about that. She refused to say the man’s name even though the man has the same name as her son. That’s petty…and weird.


    One thing is clear though, Future will out-petty Ciara soon and the cycle will continues. It’s just what they do.

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