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Crystal Renay And Monyetta Shaw Beef On Snapchat

Remember when we told you that we recently interviewed Monyetta Shaw and she confessed to having threesomes with her ex Ne-Yo–a move she now regrets?

“You’re in a relationship, you know your partner, I wasn’t a prude. I went hard for my relationship, it kinda happened and that’s what it was. The reason why I thought it was important to put it in there [the book] just when my daughter gets old enough to read it, or my son, it’s necessary [in the book] because whatever you do—you ain’t gon’ keep him. Maddie, don’t do it girl. If it’s not what you want…at the time it was what I wanted, I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s not part of your lifestyle. […] I’ve never tasted the seafood, let’s be clear. […] I have no desire to taste the seafood.”

Well coinicidentally after the interview was posted, Ne-Yo’s wife seemingly sent some shade Monyetta’s way on Snapchat. “Now ya wanna confess,” she captioned a video.


Monyetta has since responded…


Hit the flip to see what she said.

Monyetta wants to know why someone is so obsessed with her.


What do YOU think about their Snapchat shade???

Hit the flip for Monyetta’s interview in full where she tells her real thoughts on Crystal Renay.

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On Crystal Renay:

Let me say this, it’s good to see that I have support but to trash another woman, that’s not cool. It’s not what I want. Let’s just say the internet has no chill, social media has no chill and they’re definitely going to voice their opinions. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea clearly and she’s not, he likes what he likes obviously and he don’t care. That’s whats’s up. Even when I first started dating him it wasn’t all peachy for me. […]

When I first started dating him people started putting me with people I never even met before, I think it just comes with the territory. And then just stepping into his life at the time she kind caught it bad because everybody thought we were going to get back together—hell, I know I did. That’s why, it’s not really good but it comes with the territory. To even be in a relationship with a celebrity you have to have thick skin.

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