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Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Fired For Homophobic Slurs Aimed At Riley Curry

Sports fans can be the worst people on Earth sometimes. Sure, people love “their team”, but often times that love turns into vitriol, violence, and personal attacks. It doesn’t even have to be the athletes themselves who bear the brunt of the trolling. Let the keyboard gangstas tell it, family members are fair game too.

Yesterday, Steph Curry’s sister Sydell tweeted that she was on her way to The Land to watch her brother and the Warriors play game 3 of the NBA Finals against Lebron James and the Cavs.

In response to this innocuous tweet, a (suspect) Twitter user named “@SoftCaramelKiss” sent the following:

Moe Wahdan Riley Curry tweet

Yeah. He just called a 3-year-old a “fa***t”. Apparently Sydell had Jesus in her heart and let the insanely disrespectful comment slide with a smile.

A Warriors fan page caught wind of the comment and posted Moe’s original tweet to their page.

Based on THAT tweet, a user named Cheryll took major offense and sent a tweet to Moe’s employer, Holton Wise Property Group.

Apparently, Holton Wise Property Group doesn’t play that s#!t.

Once Sydell landed she saw the commotion that had unfolded and reached back out to Moe to explain to him exactly where he f***ed up.

Flip the page to read how disrespectful this lil’ bastard is.

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