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Muhammad Ali’s Second Wife Warns Of Claims On His Fortune

Muhammad Ali was truly The Greatest, and he knew it and let everyone else know frequently. Naturally, a man that saw himself as the baddest and prettiest took his pick when it came to the ladies — whether he was married or not. Now, one of his ex-wives is warning that some of the offspring that came from his near-constant dalliances are probably going to pop up like daisies looking for a payday now that the champ has passed on. Via MailOnline:

Khalilah Camacho-Ali was the second wife of Muhammad Ali and the woman who stood by his side for almost a decade when he had few friends in his corner. At the time, he’d been stripped of his world championship title for refusing to fight for his country in Vietnam War.

Her reward for such devotion? He cheated on the mother of his four oldest children so shamelessly that she divorced him and largely retreated into obscurity.

Yesterday, though, she was back in the limelight alongside his other surviving wives and his nine children at his two-day funeral. At the ‘jenazah’ or Muslim prayer service, for Ali, Khalilah stood right next to his widow Lonnie – even putting her arm around Lonnie’s shoulder to talk to her at one point.

But by all accounts, it wasn’t a joyous reunion – which is not surprising considering the lingering resentment of women who vied – sometimes simultaneously – for Ali’s affections.

Khalilah, 65, told me: ‘I’ll say hello to them but I’m not going to be their friend.’ She’s talking of Ali’s last wife Lonnie and Veronica (No. 3), who was having an affair with the boxer while he was still married to Khalilah. Cuttingly, she adds: ‘Neither of them has any conscience.’

YIKES. Clearly the shade is still strong with this one. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she had to get one final dig in on her late ex husband and how he may have jeopardized his family’s fortunes with his extracurricular activities…

Such sexual betrayal also raises the issue of how many illegitimate children Ali had. So far, two daughters born to different lovers have already been acknowledged and a third has also made a convincing claim.

Khalilah insists there are many more. And that, inevitably, with the boxer’s £55 million fortune about to be divided up, they will quickly make their claims.

‘They’re going to come out of the woodwork like roaches,’ she says witheringly. ‘I had to protect Ali from lots of paternity suits. I went through a lot with that man – he had a real dark side. Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger (the golfer and actor were both exposed as philanderers) didn’t have nothing on Muhammad Ali.’

Man…valid concern, but you’d think she could at least wait until the man’s remains were interred before bringing up all his past extramarital activities…

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