19 Classic Black Stand-Up Comedy Videos

Self-Care: 19 Legendary Black Stand-Up Comedy Moments That Are Everything

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Classic Black Stand-Up Comedy Videos

We’re in some desperate need of self-care these days so it’s important to laugh as we go through our days. So we’ve decided to compile some laughter for you. Here are 19 classic stand up comedy acts that you just have to see. Trust us, you’ll smile. And that’s something we all need right now.

Chris Rock on White Women

Eddie Murphy on relationships

Dave Chappelle on having White Friends

Chris Rock on the difference between men and women

The First Time Kevin Hart Cussed

Richard Pryor on D***

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Dave Chappelle and chicken

Kevin Hart “HELP ME”

Richard Pryor on $1.50 cocaine

Steve Harvey on OJ Simpson

Bernie Mac “I Ain’t Scared Of You MFers”

Chris Tucker’s Def Comedy mashup

Dave Chappelle on riding through the hood

Katt Williams on weed

Sinbad on whooping

Hannibal Buress on New Orleans

Cedric The Entertainer on Church

Bernie Mac on church

Jamie Foxx on the piano


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