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Jas Prince Said Young Money Screwed Him Out Of Drake Profits

Lil Wayne’s Young Money and his manager, Cortez Bryant, have reached a settlement in a nasty legal battle with Jas Prince over $11 million in allegedly unpaid royalties made from rapper Drake.

Both sides hashed out a deal where Jas Prince agreed to dismiss all claims against the defendants in exchange for a confidential settlement.

Last year, Jas Prince sued Cash Money Records for breach of contract, accusing the record label of screwing him out of millions in royalties from Drake.

He explained he discovered Drake back in 2007. Jas then signed the rapper to Aspire Music Group who then got him a deal with Cash Money. The label agreed to pay 22 percent of all of Drake’s advances and net profits to Jas Prince and Aspire. Jas said in the suit that Cash Money owed him more than $4 million.

Lil Wayne’s label fired back, claiming they never had a deal with Jas and the contract was signed by Aspire and that’s who is paid Drake’s royalty checks. Cash Money contended that if Jas had an issue he needed to take it up with Aspire not them.

Jas Prince and Lil Wayne Settle Dr suit

Jas also filed a lawsuit in New York court against Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant, an executive of Aspire, claiming he screwed him over on the Drake deal they signed with Cash Money – along with defendants Young Money and Aspire Music Group.

Bryant blasted the accusations and said Aspire didn’t screw him out of money but rather Cash Money screwed him and his company out of the royalty checks and therefore they couldn’t pay Jas any money since they weren’t paid.

The manager explained they had been attempting to audit Cash Money’s financial records to determine how much Drake’s music brought in and how much they were owed. 

Bryant claimed that Jas has been paid his percentage from all money they received from Cash Money. However, he said that it hasn’t been much because Cash Money hasn’t paid them what’s due. Bryant demanded the lawsuit be thrown out.

The legal battle has been pending for months with both sides battling it out in court. Jas even filed docs saying he was now owed a total of $11 million dollars in royalties and accused Bryant and Aspire of refusing to collect on the money they were owed from Cash Money. He said he believed this was due to Bryant and Lil Wayne’s close friendship.

Then on July 11th, docs were filed in the case stating Jas, Lil Wayne’s manager and Young Money Entertainment had reached a settlement in the case.


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