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Angel Brinks Exclusive Interview

Basketball Wives LA returned with a bang this season, and the claws have already come out — just a few episodes in! We caught up with Angel Brinks to talk about what it’s like to be thrust into a group with all their existing drama, and go more in depth into her emotional episode last Sunday.

This is only your second season on BBWLA, so you’re still a bit of a newbie. What was it like being thrown into this catty reality TV world?

Something in the back of my mind was off, obviously, because I thought coming into it that we were going to form some kind of sisterhood. You know, we’ve all been linked to professional basketball players…I figured they know ins and outs of this world and they could teach me a few things and we’d form a bond. But once I got thrown in I was like “Hold on — this wasn’t the plan!” I’m optimistic, I thought my personality and positive attitude had the capacity to change how they’d react to me or warm them up. But but they were just so mean!

Draya brought you into the group, but then abruptly left mid-season and decided not to return. Do you miss having her around to navigate interactions with all these new ladies — especially in the crazier situations?

I really wanted her to stay, I thought we could have had fun together. But even though she decided coming back wasn’t right for her, she encouraged me. She tells me to see it through and just don’t quit. The other ladies, they don’t know her like I do, and she’s a really great person. Plus, she brings so much life to the show! So yes, I was sad to see her go, but I understand.

To get a little more serious, you shared some dark experiences from your past on this last episode. How have you dealt with sharing info about your late husband with your son as he’s gotten old enough to understand, and how has he been processing that?

When [my son] was born, I had close family with me and they told me not to worry about the future, and to instead focus on the present and enjoying my baby. Basically, we could deal with it when the time comes. Then he hit preschool, then school, then the questions started to come. He’d watch cartoons, see situations there and wonder “where’s my daddy?” And since my husband was a rapper, I’d tell him “God needed him to come and play music for the angels.” But eventually he’d wonder “Doesn’t God know I need him too?” It’s been very difficult as he’s aged.

As he got older, I had my daughter and We’d travel with Tyreke [Evans], and he’d look out at the clouds and ask if this is where God lives. I’d tell him yes, and he’d get all excited, looking out the window hoping to see his Daddy. He’ll still say he wishes his Daddy was here.

What got cut from the show, and the reason we really began crying together, he said “I’m happy for my sister. I look at her and I think at least she has someone that loves her.” I had to tell him, “No, we ALL love you!” It’s sad, because even though he has uncles, cousins, grandparents, all of us — but that father figure is missing in his life, and there’s a void. I’m not sure what’s harder — when fathers are in your life and leave or die or never knowing them at all. When someone passes, at least we knew them and had them in our lives.

As a parent I struggle with that. It’s hard to talk about certain things with him. He plays several video games where he sees characters die then come back to life, and I think some part of him still believes that his Daddy might come back. It’s just very hard.

How have fan reactions been since Sunday’s episode?

I feel like what’s going on in the world is so bad with all the hate we see. So, I didn’t think I would get so much support after this episode aired. I’m so glad and truly thankful that so many people reached out to support me, and many could actually relate to what I went through and have had similar experiences.

This is what I want for the show. People look at something like Basketball Wives and see “Ohh, they have fancy cars, nice homes, clothes, etc.” and even though I’m not a basketball WIFE, I share in that lifestyle as well. BUT Behind all that, there’s real life and relatable issues, we’re able to give a voice to that. I just have to thank everyone so much for all their support.

So, can you give us a little preview on what’s coming up for you the rest of this season? Do you end up clashing with anyone in particular?

I really wish I could tell you! Of course I can’t speak much, but I do have my five-year anniversary party for my fashion line in an upcoming episode. There were several celebs there — Floyd Mayweather came, Lil Kim. I actually wasn’t going to celebrate, but people pushed me. 5 years is a milestone in a business. BUT, what you would think would be a beautiful setting didn’t exactly turn out to be.

So there are a lot of twists and turns for the show and me getting into it with some people you wouldn’t necessarily expect. There’s a lot of surprises coming up.

I will say that it’s a very emotional season for me, so I’m apologizing in advance for the tears *laughs.* But this is my real life.

Nice! Don’t forget to tune into Basketball Wives next week to find out what happens next!



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