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Joseline and Althea

Althea Eaton Claimed Fight With Joseline Was The Reason She Got Fired

A Georgia judge has thrown out former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Althea Eaton’s civil lawsuit against Joseline Hernandez, which alleged the “Puerto Rican Princess” beat her up on TV in a crack-fueled rage, BOSSIP can reveal.

DeKalb State Court Judge Alvin Wong today dismissed Althea’s civil assault case against Hernandez with prejudice, which means Benzino’s baby mama can’t sue Hernandez again over the same allegations. The judge found that Althea’s case didn’t have a valid claim, because she signed away her right to sue her co-stars and the producers as part of her contract to appear on the show, according Joseline’s lawyer Dan Meachum, who tried the case.

“There’s a 27 page contract that she signed,” Meachum told BOSSIP. “She can’t get on the stand and say she didn’t read it.”

Meachum said Althea claimed that she trusted advisors to read the contract over for her.

“She needs to sue them,” he said, “not my client.”

Althea claimed in court papers that Joseline, high on crack cocaine, pummeled her at the Love & Hip Hop reunion show two years ago, an incident that Althea said led to her firing. Althea said she had witnesses who saw Joseline of getting high right before the show taping, but Joseline’s other lawyer, Tony Mathis, said she took a blood test and it came back showing she was sober as a judge.

The case was supposed to go to trial earlier this week, but the judge threw it out Aug. 17 after Eaton submitted her evidence, Meachum told BOSSIP.

“Althea didn’t have one modicum of evidence to prove her damages,” Meachum said. “You can’t ask for $500,000 or $250,000 and have $190 in medical bills.”

Judge Wong also dismissed Joseline’s counterclaim against Althea, a move that Mathis said was part of their legal strategy.

Mathis said Joseline could have asked the judge to make Althea pay her attorney’s fees because the suit was “frivolous,” but Joseline just wanted to move on, and even tried to patch things up with Althea in the courtroom when the hearing was over.

“She just really wanted to get it over with,” Mathis said of his now pregnant client. “She felt very, very relieved that the case didn’t go forward… The only thing Ms. Hernandez is focused on is becoming a mother.”

UPDATE: Althea’s attorney, Anthony Collins, said his client would be appealing the judge’s ruling.

“We know Judge Wong to be a very competent jurist,” Collins told us. “But we think the decision was erroneous and we will be filing an appeal in this matter.”

But Meachum said Althea’s appeal didn’t have a leg to stand on.

“I cannot think of any error that the judge made or any abuse of discretion,” he said.

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