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Rio Police Say Ryan Lochte Lied About Robbery

In a weird twist of events, Brazilian police were ordered to detained 2 of the 4 athletes who reported getting robbed at gun point this week under suspicion that they may be lying. A judge ordered the men be detained after a video surfaced of them returning to Olympic village the night of the robbery, smiling and with the objects they claim were stolen according to The Daily Mail.

Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen are the two athletes in question. Lochte has reportedly already left the country, but Feigen is still in Brazil under police custody.

A judge gave authorities the go ahead after doubts began to grow over the claims made by the swimmers in light of the surveillance video obtained by earlier this week showing the group laughing and smiling as they returned to the Olympic Village.

Lochte’s mother later broke the news of the alleged robbery later that day while speaking with Fox Sports.

The athletes are now accused of lying about the incident after the publication of the video Tuesday led investigators to change their line of inquiry.

A formal request for their passports to be seized reveals that the two men will now be investigated for the false communication of a crime, which carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail in Brazil.

Records retrieved by investigators from the X-ray machine through which the athletes passed in the Village also showed that the men were carrying all the belongings which they had claimed in sworn statements to police had been stolen.

Lochte, 32, had already flown out of the country and is home in the US while Feigen’s whereabouts are still not known. Feigen, 26, had been in Rio all day Tuesday but it is unclear if he took a flight home before the judge’s order.

Here is the surveillance video of the swimmers returning to the village hours after the alleged robbery.

Sounds pretty serious. We hope they have a great explanation.


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