Bruh, Sis, What Are You Doing? A Gallery Of Proud, Black, Donald Trump Supporters

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Republican National Convention in Cleveland

A Gallery Of African-Americans Who Proudly Support Donald Trump For President

Black folks are NOT a monolith.

We’ll say it again for the cheap seats, BLACK FOLKS ARE NOT A MONOLITH!

Sure, there may be some things that we can find a consensus on, but far and wide black folks’ opinions and politics are solely their own and do no reflect upon their melanin just like any other societal demographic.

To some, Tupac is alive, “Ether” was better than “Takeover”, Popeyes is better than Church’s, and Obama didn’t do enough for his people.

That said, despite projections stating that Trump will garner historic lows among black voters, there is a Kendall Jenner-thin margin of African-Americans who see nothing but sugar and spice when it comes to The Orange One.

Flip the page to see many of them properly identified. Take notes. Be aware of who they are.

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Stacey Dash

Stacey once said about Trump:


"All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" red carpet event


Ol’ girl is Donald’s “Director of African-American Outreach”. She needs to “reach out” and slap herself.


Katrina Pierson

This Trump bootlicker is billed as his “spokesperson”. She regularly makes a fool of herself on TV defending her…”boss”

Beautiful woman, terrible taste in men.


“Pastor” Mark Burns

He wears colored-contacts. He lied about being a Kappa. He lied about military service. He lied about his education. What else could his “brotha” be lying about…?

16-Year-Old Trump Kool-Aid Drinker

This young man has been tainted by the oppressor. God save him.

Donald Trump Ben Carson Khizr Khan

Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson is one of the most renowned bootlickers in the world. Always there to guard against attacks on his mayonnaise-scented homeboy.

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Herschel Walker Donald Trump

Herschel Walker

These two go way back like Maybachs. SMH.

Dennis Rodman

History has taught us that ya mans will support anyone he can either f**k or do drugs with. Which one do you think Donald Trump is?


Willie Dove

Kansas House majority whip said this to the NYDailyNews about his guy:

“He has said things that people with other agendas have construed as racist. A guy like Trump, you don’t get to where you are by being a racist. I don’t think it’s about doing things for the black community, because if you’re doing things for the U.S. you’re doing things for the black community.”

Doanld Trump,Darrell Scott

Pastor Darrell Scott

Pastor Scott shared his thoughts on Trump with the NYDailyNews as well:

“I don’t care if 99% don’t support him,” Scott told the Daily News after the speech. “I support him. And you know what, those polls ask for people who publicly support him. There’s a very large number of African-Americans who support him privately.”

Are YOU one of those “private” African-Americans?

Terrell Owens

Here’s what Mr. Popcorn and pom-poms told TMZ that he likes about bishop-wayne-jackson-donald-trumpThe Orange One:

“This may be what the country needs and Trump … he’s a guy who won’t put up with B.S. and has what it takes to change how government is run.”

And most importantly:

“Plus, as the president, Trump would be able to say he knows me and he likes me … LOL!”



Bishop Wayne Jackson of Great Faith Ministries in Detroit

This is the leader of the black church that Donald Trump visited in Detroit last weekend.

You can practically smell the boot leather on his breath from over here…


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