Ryan Henry, Charmaine Johnise And Kat Tat On Bossip's Podcast

#BlackInkCrewChi Ryan And Charmaine Respond To Secret Smashing Rumors—& Is Kat Tat Still Booed Up With Phor???

- By Bossip Staff


“Girls and guys can’t be cool without being something. I’m like the biggest THOT and hoe of reality TV because I hooked up with Don and it was in a bathroom but that wasn’t our first time hooking up. It was just one time, so it was spontaneous so we were having fun. The world with that is so crazy, I’m telling you I’m t”he biggest hoe ever.” Even with Don, Don’s the homie we can kick it. I and Katrina, all of us, it ain’t that extra mess. I can be close to Ryan, we can travel together, I can sleep in the same bed as Ryan–if I had to. He would have my back, not literally. It’s brother/sister love. That’s what I want the world to understand.”

Dani Canada:

“You can platonically sleep.”

Ryan Henry:

I do it, I won’t say all the time but I’ve done it.”


Have YOU been watching the new season of “Black Ink Crew Chicago”???

image-4Listen to the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared” below.

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