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Drake Feels Used By India Love

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We’re getting a clearer idea of why Drake raps about why he shouldn’t have to F “For Free.” As we previously reported, Drake wants to completely wash his hands of any involvement with Instagram model and reality star India Love Westbrooks especially after her sister Crystal put their “situationship” on full blizzy. Crystal has since apologized to her little sister, but inside sources tell BOSSIP that Drake is the real victim in the situation.

“He never intended for things to go anywhere with that girl,” a source close to the rapper told BOSSIP. “It was supposed to just be a sex thing, and he feels like she wanted it to get out on the blogs so that she could get more attention.”

It definitely doesn’t seem like the Cali native ever intended on keeping their private business private. India Love posted several social media messages related to the rapper, even going so far as to include mugs embossed with his signature owl logo in one photo that also incorporated some of his lyrics.

Friends says the rapper is actually livid at the public association because he never entertained any notion of having a real relationship with the Instagram model. “It was never meant to go any further than sex,” one insider told BOSSIP.

According to the source, Drake wants nothing further to do with India Love and reportedly told friends, “I can’t do nothing for that little girl.”

A second source tells BOSSIP that India Love was “definitely looking for a come up” when she encountered the rapper. “She basically just wants to be taken care of. She’s trying to find a high profile guy who will pay the bills so she can live well and floss on social media.”

It turns out that guy may be India Love’s current boo, UCLA football player Ron Robinson.

“Ron was paying her bills before,” the other source alleged to BOSSIP. “He put her up in an apartment in L.A. for 3 or four months, but they broke up and he moved out and stopped paying rent. She had to move back home with her parents.”

Ouch. But luckily for India Love her timeout didn’t last long.

“It kinda seems like she used Drake to make her ex [Robinson] jealous,” the second source said of India Love. “He saw her with Drake and decided to take her back.”

Hmmmm. Funny how that happens. If y’all saw your ex with a more famous person — would you even WANT them back? Lucky for her, we guess.

In the meantime, we’re guessing Drake is having to do some serious work work work work work work, to get back in Rihanna’s good graces.

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