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Michel’le Dishes On Her “Straight Outta Compton” Biopic

Michel’le Biopic

Before the world went HAM on Dr. Dre ove Lifetime’s “Surviving Compton”, Michel’le called in to BOSSIP’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast to dish on the biopic.

After praising Lifetime for being a network that “empowers women”, Michel’le spoke on the actress who portrayed her, gave advice to women in abusive relationships and spoke candidly on the threat of legal action from Dr. Dre.

On actress Rhyon Brown sounding just like her:

“She found that voice on her own. One night she just cried and cried and it just came out.”

On prepping the cast to tell her story:

“I would tell them the story of what happened and they wold go ‘oh wow.’ So they knew what emotion to have.”

On reliving her history:

It wasn’t [difficult] in the beginning because I felt like I was educating them [the cast] about this life. It was good for me because I felt like I was teaching them something, because they’re so young. They’re babies!”

On her advice to women in abusive relationships:

“You need an exit plan. I know you don’t have no job, I know you don’t have no money, no education. That’s part of their [abusive] control, their power. You have to be there with them, you have to ask them for everything. He knows your schedule but you don’t know his. So you have to give yourself, a month [or] two months to get yourself together. And don’t tell him you’re leaving, just GO!”

On the threat of legal repercussions:

“Not in the beginning, I really can’t talk about some of this stuff. I wasn’t worried, but then he sent out his little lawyer saying he was gonna sue me but I don’t mind. When he gets the money from me maybe he can use it to pay child support. And Suge should be sending me money from the county jail anyway. Two dollars and 50 cents, I know he don’t make a lot.”

On what she wants people to learn from “Surviving Compton”:

I want them to know that I came from being a young naive child who really didn’t know what love was and still don’t know what it is, to why I made the decisions that I made. To know that I’m not that girl that I was 20 years ago, although I still sing. I don’t get beat on anymore, I’m not an addict anymore. You can change, your life can change.

Michel’le Biopic

On going from Dr. Dre to Suge Knight:

“The most [common] question I get everyday; ‘how did you go from Dr. Dre to Suge Knight?’ And I just had to answer that. I think I did a good job [in the film] explaining how that transitioned.”

On having a child with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight:

“I had sex! My kids get it. I definitely had sex and I’m so grateful that I have them and I kept them. With my kids it isn’t an issue. Can you imagine that something I did 20-something years ago is normal today? I mean, c’mon!”

Michel’le Biopic

On her children listening to Dr. Dre and Death Row:

“I listen to Dre’s music! We all listen to Dre’s music. He may have beat on me but I’m sorry, I can’t take that away from him. They love his music. And Marcel (her son with Dre), he listens to Death Row, he loves Pac.”

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