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British Father Upset School Won’t Let His White Daughter Keep Her Expensive Braided Style

Here’s a pretty interesting story. 13-year-old Chanise Benson was sent home from the George Pindar School in the UK, after returning from break wearing white braids, which she wanted to have for her sister’s birthday after seeing Beyoncé wear a similar look. Her pops, 39-year-old Darren Benson is heated after dropping around $170 on the look AND he feels that the school is operating under a double standard because Chanise is white, while a friend of hers (of Jamaican descent) has been allowed to wear a similar style with a red color, instead of white.

According to NYTLive reports, he’s calling the decision, “racism against their own.”

“I’ve read the policy regarding haircuts and I can’t see what rule she has broken.” Benson contacted the North Yorkshire County Council to settle the argument, but was advised to deal with his daughter’s school directly.

Sounds like a hot mess if you ask us… What’s also really funny in the story is that the dad refers to the look as “dreads.” But y’all know Brits love to use different words than us so who knows if that’s just his own funny steez or actually how they refer to any kind of long braided or dreaded look. In the meantime Benson is hoping the school will back down.

There definitely seems to be a policy in place regarding “unnatural hairstyles or coloring”:

According to The Sun reports:

The school was unable to comment as it is now half term. But a policy document on the school’s website states: “Please note we do not allow extreme, unnatural hairstyles or coloring. Any hair accessories should be of a practical nature and should not be decorative.

“If you are in doubt please contact your child’s tutor at the school. Hair should be no shorter than a Grade 3 cut.”

The policy continued: “Please be aware that what is and is not acceptable will be decided by the school in line with this policy and the school’s decision is final.

“Please note that in sending your child to George Pindar School that you are agreeing to ensure your child abides by this policy.

“If you have any queries or questions regarding any aspect of uniform, jewelry, hairstyle, please could you contact the school.”

A spokesman for George Pindar School said: “It is the first time I have heard about the matter and obviously, with it being half-term, there is no way I can get the full background details about the matter.”

We definitely object to the term unnatural when referring to braids, but we also know good and damn well why this school isn’t messing with the Jamaican student over her style. Is this clear cut racism or are they just trying to keep young Chenise from going full Beyonce?

Peep more pics of the kid below:



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