Apollo Nida Blasts His Fiancee's Ex-Husband

Where Are The Guards???? Apollo Nida Blasts His Fiancee’s Ex-Husband From Prison & She Chimes In

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Apollo Nida Blasts Sherien Almufti’s Ex-Husband

Remember when we told you that Apollo Nida’s moved on from Phaedra Parks and he’s now with real estate broker Sherien Almufti?


Well Sherien’s ex-husband, a man named Derrick Copes, is none too pleased with her because she’s been bringing their 8-year-old to prison to meet the shady scammer.

He tells RadarOnline that his daughter doesn’t belong at the bing.

“I’m not giving her child support right now because she’s taking my daughter to prison and I have asked her numerous times to stop doing that,” he told Radar. Copes normally pays Almufti $450 a month in support for their daughter.

“My daughter is eight years old, she is not happy to go into a prison,” he insisted. “If you want me to give you money, I will, but at the same time you have a responsibility to our daughter.”

Copes also added that even Phaedra Parks doesn’t bring her children to the jail.

He blasted, “If Apollo is in my daughter’s life, that’s no problem — but don’t take her to prison. Phaedra doesn’t even take her kids to prison!”

In another twist, Copes is confirming that his ex-wife is filming RHOA and bringing their baby girl along for the ride. SMH!

“She took my daughter out of school a week an half ago to go to Atlanta to film,” he told Radar. “Who takes their kid out of school to go film when it’s not educational? That is not good parenting.”


“I don’t want my daughter on the show. I don’t want her going to a jail.”

Wow at this woman bringing her daughter to prison to meet Apollo. Is it fair or foul for Derrick Copes to stop paying support?

Interestingly enough Apollo’s gotten word of Copes’ words and he’s blasting him on Instagram.

Hit the flip to see what he thinks about his fiancee’s baby’s father.

According to Apollo Derrick should be ashamed of himself for not paying Sherien child support.

“Do you know the difference between Derrick Copes and KFC?” reads a post on the fraudster felon’s page. “KFC CAN FEED A FAMILY OF 4.”


Uhhh. Where…are…the…guards???

Sherien’s chimed in too.

Sherien Apollo

Hit the flip for her words.


Sherien Apollo

Sherien clapped back at her ex in a text message with a friend. “NoF***sGiven,” said Apollo’s wife-to-be.





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