Officer Ricky and The Baddest B*tch Shoot a Low Budget Video for FACE

- By Bossip Staff

This is about the weakest video we’ve seen in a while. Even Drake’s video directed by Kanye was bad, but this one takes the cake. Cars, Scrippers, and Cameo’s never make a video.

Pop it for this Ridiculousness

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  • Angel


  • fem

    lmao at the runs/pulls/wrinkles in the satin backgrounds, they culdve at least ironed that shit

  • momo

    First from france !!!!!

  • Valerie

    With all the money he has, he could have done a whole lot better!

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    oh lawd

  • Ladii G

    lOl ; it looks like one of those youtube vids. ppls. makee – straight from their digital camera. wow. dis was bad !

  • mY "b"

    I like it. I always loved Trina. Ricky Ross my dude!

  • nobody cares

    i hope this is just being released for the strip clubs or some shit. this is easily the wackest song on the album


    “Officer Rickeee’eee’eey!!!”

  • Beantown Baby

    am I color blind? Trina is “yella?” i’m confused she always looked brown to me…

  • RoseoftheBayArea

    Ok most of this new rap is sh**, it has no HEART! I always understood rappin about the struggle; the hard times, etc. But he is not talkin about anything really. And he getting FACE cause them groupies think he got something. Cause I love all kinda men; but this clown is SAD.

  • TriniSoccer

    Someone enlighten me, What the bleep does i’m getting face mean?

  • http://bossip nikki

    trina please stop this yellow shit!!!! you are not YELLOW!!!! trina you are to old to have a problem with your complexion come on now??? you are not beyonce o.k

  • noelle

    That’s right Jay.*

  • noelle


  • sixfoota

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! And NO, trina is not yella

  • Wish

    Why did he take his shirt off and then camera shoot him from the neck up? Tits bigger than hers perhaps?

  • Candid Canuck

    WEll… it loks like they used those new HD Red camcorders for the new vid.. this was prolly an experiment to test out the camcorder

  • Esha

    Trina had a nose job!!!!!

  • ChampaignKisses

    Her shoes were banging though!

  • MadBlessings ..

    Thanks Richard, I just wasted a few minutes of my life ..Thank you!

  • Officer Ricky and The Baddest B*tch Shoot a Low Budget Video for FACE

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  • ChinyereCouture

    Oh, that poor “fly yellow thing”…she always keeps her lace fronts & skin bleach poppin…because all she wants is to be Weezy’s “long hair thick redbone” so he can want to her smash her (cottage cheese)cakes but not get to because she already has a fine (wifebeating) boo-thang. Just let her be GREAT already, y’all…

  • kb

    Trena is ugly!!! the dancers look wayy better than her!!!!

  • jr

    was that 40 glocc?

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