Erika D Denies Being Mendeecees Side Chick

Bye Yandy!!! Erika D Says THIS Is Why She Wasn’t Mendeecees’ Sleazy ‘Slide’

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Yandy Erika D

Here we go again…

Erika D Denies Being Mendeecees Side Chick

Erika D is once again trying to shut down Yandy’s claims that she was just Mendeecees’ sleazy “slide.”
As previously reported the mother of Mendeecees’ son Aasim tried to ether Yandy with a slideshow of coupled up photos…

Yandy Erika D

but got shut down when Yandy posted a slideshow of her own.

Now Erika’s once again trying to prove that she wasn’t Mendeecees’ side chick. The “Love & Hip Hop” star recently chatted with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite and revealed that she met Mendeecees back when he pursued her in L.A.

“I first began talking to Mendeecees when we were in California,” said Erika. “We were in the Beverly Center. I believe it was All Star Weekend 2004. I was 20 years old at the time. He had seen me in Harlem at the time…you know how guys are when they see young girls they like. He was like, ‘I like that girl, I want to talk to that girl.’ I never paid him any attention. In California, he seen me and he seen me speaking to a mutual friend that we both have. And he told a friend, ‘oh get that girl for me. I need to talk to her.’”

She also added that they had a “constant” relationship and she met his family and friends because she was his girlfriend—NOT A SLIDE.

“All his friends, even his family that is trying to act like they don’t know me, they all knew me,” said Erika.

“So the guy ended up connecting us with each other and when we went back to New York, we started to talk to each other and hang out and we started dating and it was a constant thing. It wasn’t like, ‘I’m going to date her one day and sleep with her and leave.’ No, it was constant. And I was 20 at the time, Mendeecees was 25 at the time.

“He was more of the leader in the relationship, I’ll say cause he was more experienced…he was older. He was 25 so I let him lead it. So we were always together, this was nothing that was hidden. All his friends, even his family that is trying to act like they don’t know me, they all knew me, they all met me. There’s not one person in Harlem that didn’t know what was going on.

Yandy Erika DI could never discredit another woman. I can’t tell you what he was doing with other women but I can tell you what he was doing with me. And he was saying I was his girlfriend and he was introducing me to his friends and everyone as his girlfriend. He was around my family. He was around my friends, around my coworkers.”

Take that Yandy!

What do YOU think about Erika once again trying to prove that she wasn’t Mendeecees’ side chick.

Yandy Erika D

More on the flip.

According to Erika Yandy is “bitter” and Mendeecees previously told her that Erika was indeed his girlfriend.

“I’m a jump off, I’m a slide?” said Erika. “We’ve been on vacations. I know for a fact Mendeecees never told her that [I was a slide]. Yandy’s super bitter inside. Mendeecees has in fact told her when the cameras are off, ‘Erika was my girlfriend, have some respect.’

She also spoke on that apartment that Yandy Smith changed the locks to. According to Erika she’s on the lease for the apartment as Mendeecees’ spouse.

“This all stems from on the television Yandy says something like ‘they allowed me to live in their apartment,” said Erika.

This a complete separate apartment that we’re speaking of. The apartment that I’m in is an apartment that was Mendeecees’ apartment since he was younger. […] We were staying in Jersey when I had the baby and I didn’t want to stay in Jersey anymore, it was too rough.

We were helping Samantha [Mendeecees’ other baby mama] out getting little Mendeecees to school. […] It was too much to keep going back and forth across that bridge every morning. […] He had that apartment for years, he put me on the lease as his spouse in 2009 or 2010. Yandy has nothing to do with that apartment, she never has.”


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