Woman Who Won $7.1 Mill Abuse Case Against The Game Said He Assaulted Her In Front Of A Crowd

Exclusive: Woman Who Won $7.1 Mill Sex Abuse Case Against The Game Said He Assaulted Her In Front Of A Crowd

- By Bossip Staff

The Game & Priscilla Rainey

Rainey said that the $7.1 million that a jury awarded her wasn’t excessive given the facts of the case, and the jury’s award was in line with judgment amounts in similar cases. Rainey also revealed more details of The Game’s alleged assault and said she deserved every penny of the judgment.


“Ms. Rainey clearly proved at trial that the defendant committed highly reprehensible conduct – grabbing and displaying her bare genitalia and buttocks against her will in a public place in front of a large crowd of gawking spectators (some of whom had cameras and may have recorded the events), causing both a physical violation of the most heinous kind and clear public humiliation through the act,” Rainey wrote in court papers Dec. 31. “Moreover, defendant aggravated the damages flowing from his sexual assaults by later making Ms. Rainey re-live events through his aggressive public attacks on her after she filed suit.”

Rainey also said The Game’s legal argument for a lower judgment and a new trial don’t have a leg to stand on because he not only filed his motions in a court that no longer has jurisdiction over the case, he filed them after the 28 day period he had to respond to the judgment.

A judge hasn’t yet ruled on the case.


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