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Where is Tara Wallace???

Amina Buddafly Discusses Her Peter Gunz Marriage In ‘The Other Woman’

Amina Buddafly is currently promoting her book titled “The Other Woman” where she details her tumultuous Tara-filled marriage to Peter Gunz.

As previously reported both Amina and his ex/baby mama Tara Wallace welcomed children with Peter in 2016
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and Amina’s portion of their messy LHNNY love triangle prompted her to pen a tome.

According to VH1, in Amina’s book she dishes on the crushing moment that Peter told Tara that she was a “mistake that went too far.” According to her it was after that that she decided to have an abortion.

“Through all the hurt Peter caused, Amina reveals her most crushing moment was when Peter said she was a mistake that went too far. Like most viewers, I said, “that slap had to be forced.” But, according to Amina it was very real, and it was at that moment their relationship changed.


After the scene Amina explains, a whole week went by and I didn’t hear from Peter. When he finally did texted me, he said nothing but hurtful words, which pushed me even more towards the decision I didn’t want to make.

That decision was to terminate her pregnancy.”

According to Amina after she aborted her baby, she sent Peter pictures of the “massacre” and he told her that she made a mistake.

“Before I forced myself to clean up, I took pictures of the astonishing mess and sent them to Peter with the caption, ’I’m not pregnant anymore. Hope you’re happy now.’ Unlike other times he responded within seconds. ’I didn’t want you to do that,’ he said ’My heart just dropped.'”


weeks later she found out that Tara was actually pregnant too—and months later, she was again. But was it on purpose???

“I got accused of spitefully getting pregnant again.’ People thought I wanted to have a second baby now because the other woman was pregnant, but the truth is that I was already pregnant when I found out. Yes, I thought it was unfair she got to have the baby I wanted, but having a child to get back at someone was not in my nature.”

Y I K E S.

Amina’s clearly being brutally honest in this book.

See what she has to say about the state of her relationship with (could be, maybe possibly pregnant, again) Tara Wallace on the flip.

Tara Amina

Amina says she and the actual other woman, Tara, are “good” now.

“As far as the other woman I mentioned so frequently in this book, we are good! I guess I can say that we have learned to respect one another as mothers and women who love hard. We know that neither of us will ever stop being a family to the man who created ours.”

Do you believe her???


Amina maintains that she is NOT the other woman.




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