Beans Submits Someone Else’s Urine, Gets Locked Up

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Beanie Sigel stay getting locked up:

Poor Beanie Sigel. The rapper just can’t stay out of trouble with the feds.

Sigel, who spent a year in jail after being sentenced in 2004 for drug and weapons offenses, was back in federal court yesterday for violating terms of his supervised release for a third time. Authorities said Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, gave a false urine sample to probation officials on Feb. 29 and also tested positive five times earlier this month for controlled substances, including Xanax and Percocet. The former is used to treat anxiety and the latter is typically used to treat moderate to severe pain, but is considered very addictive.

“I told you the last time if you didn’t toe the line, jail was the only option,” the judge said, adding that he wouldn’t permit Sigel to self-surrender because he had “been given the benefit of doubt” many times before. He already was serving a six-month term in a halfway house for having previously violated supervised release last December. He took an unauthorized trip to an Atlantic City casino and consorted with a convicted felon.

“Mr. Grant is a big boy and he knows what the rules are at some point, he has to grow up.”

That drug addiction is no joke.

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  • Justice the Don

    Second I guess…

    Stay strong Beans!!

  • LaSabre84

    And may I add, quite a waste of space, as face as his music goes! Pleassssssssssssse go back to school!

  • lily green

    i just want to add one question it wrong for a rich woman to have a sugar baby?? it’s an absolutely extramarital relationship, but more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship, such as S u g a r m o m m a M e e t . c o m . how do you think of such a thing?

  • Coop

    Damn Sigel you can’t blame Jay if you can’t tour and make money because your can’t leave the state. I remember reading where you said that you missed out on $800,000 in tour money when you were locked up for a year how much are you missing not being able to be on tour with Jay now?

  • whatanidiot from MTO

    why doesnt he just get prescriptions, duh

  • Negrodamus Believes.......

    Negrodamus believes if Beanie Sigel weren’t rapping, he would’ve been the 3rd person arrested for the D.C. sniper shootings.

  • kigali



    He needs to lose weight.

  • K-ten


  • HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!


  • bree

    the wiz-o-nator screws another

  • Reformed GammaRay

    geeez..He looks so vacant and numbed out..po thang..dang

    I member him on the freeway track what we do

    “B. Sige in the third lane

    Gramps still prayin’ workin on my nerves man…

    Like, “Son you gotta get your soul clean…”

    hope he get more than his soul clean

  • Pistol Pete


  • and another one..

    Keep yo’ head up Beanie! Stay off them pills….


    My…my. Prescription drugs, are quickly becoming America’s newest street drug. E.

  • Mark

    That’s so wonderful.I saw him always dating with some doctors in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.Whether he fall in bad ill?

  • Yolee

    Bean, take vitamin B6 next time, my niece sware by it and she still walking around.

  • Misty Knight&my friend Sandra Rose

    Dammit Beans! what are we gonna do with you?!

  • Misty Knight&my friend Sandra Rose

    and dont start joining the white folks in this Prozac Nation…Xanax? c’mon now?! you might as well be taking Valuim and Lithium with Blanche, and Dorothy at thier next tea party!

  • Understanding

    Hmmmmmm [understanding runs finger thru goatee] so maybe THAT’s what dude was high on when he was runnin’ off at the mouth about Kanyeezey last year. Like mad others in the industry … dude needs 2 JUST SAY NO.

  • Nita

    I hate the use of ‘whose real name is’ — that’s almost never used for whites, who also use stage names. Why is it important what an entertainer’s ‘real name is’?

    As for the story, Beanie needs help. He’s also a moron. Instead of using other people’s piss, why not just stop using drugs. If you need to use drugs, get help.

  • sally

    yyyyyyooooooouuuuu***** it is so familiar !~!! oh ! MGD i saw this new at site

    OH !@#$%^& NO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • commenting for fun

    ^^ That would be stupid Fat F*ck with a name like Beanie we don’t expect much from him.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    fat bastard GO A-WAAAAYYYY!!!!

  • Crazy Ass Rodney


  • CinJin

    Awww.. Beanie..dag.. Thats real effed up..I Kinda wanna know the whole story.. yah mean.. Beans Hold ya head baby..

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