We See You: Apparently, White Folks Think Kim Kardashian Started This Old-School Hood Nail Trend

- By Bossip Staff

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Kim Kardashian Rocks Pierced Fingernails, White People Are Puzzled

Kimmy and crew are good for taking something Black women have been doing (and being criticized for) for eons and suddenly making it a “hot new weird trend” by introducing it to pale people.

Remember “boxer braids?” Yeah…exactly.

Anyway, the Dash crew is at it again…this time with a formerly “ghetto” nail trend. Kim showed off her new pierced acrylic nails on Snapchat yesterday and instantly piqued the interest and bewilderment of clueless style-watchers across the globe…

Even though this is something WE ran through in the 90’s…white people were amazed by the bizarre “new trend” that Kim just set off…



Man…come ON. At this point, anytime the Kardashians do something “new,” you would think these outlets would just have an intern double check to see if it’s something Black women have been rocking for at least two decades first. It normally is…


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