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Two women teachers were arrested for having sex with their young students, one a 11 year-od. The teachers had sex with a total of six Black students in one of South Carolina’s most conservative counties. The case has taken on a racial tone after the teachers were released:

“If this had been black teachers, they would not be out of jail right now,” said Corinnie Young, a 49-year-old bookstore employee who is black.

“I can assure you if it were an African American male who committed such an offense against a white female, history shows us that the charges, the punishment and the sentencing would be totally different,” said state NAACP president Lonnie Randolph. “The system ain’t blind when the perpetrator is an African American male or female or when the victim is a white female.”

You know R Kelly wouln’t be making an “I am a Flirt” video if he pissed on lil Jojo a couple years ago. SMH at the young white kids not being able to get some of that teacher love.

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