Kanye vs. The Paparazzi AGAIN: Should They Back Off or Should He Just Get Over It???

- By Bossip Staff

Kanye is SPAZZING on the Paparazzi AGAIN. In L.A., celebrities are so popular that the paps just follow them or they’re so whack (Ci-Error) that they let the paps know where they’re going to be. Even though Kanye is in the limelight, do you think that he should just accept what comes with the territory of fame or should the paps back off and give him room to be normal???

Pop it for Kanye Temper Tantrum…

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  • Char

    Hate to break it to u Kanye, but they arent backing off..its gonna b like that forever! FIRST!!

  • Hello

    Lawl .. but i still like Kanye tho’ ..
    anyway if i was famous i wouldn’t mind paparazzi!

  • Tlov224

    He needs to GET THE HELL OVER IT!!!

  • Jack Meoff

    Don’t Follow Me, Don’t Follow me Dawg, Don’t Follow Me, Do Not Follow me…… Ye cracks me up…. One of my favorite rap cats out there though… That was Funny tho!!!! He paparazzi homey that’s what he does….you lucky he’s followin u means you somebody.

  • word..

    Why must he wear those pants like that?
    I like him & all, but uh….not a good look.

  • jrsj

    amber looks decent with shades on. with them off she looks like a little boy O_O
    and why is she walking like something is stuck up her

  • http://Bossip ATTENTION WHOREs

    Kanye has been wack for a minute now. He better be glad the paps are even interested. He could easily be on where are they now.

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    He gotta DONK!!!

  • tina

    Having people wanting to take your photo all of the time comes with he territory when you are famous but it is a bit much when you can’t even leave your house without being followed and photographed. I mean it is really sad when your life revolves around following celebrities around while they are doing regular things like shopping, hanging out, getting coffee, etc. I don’t see why that is newsworthy. But the paps would not do it if there were not a market for the photos and mags and websites did not post the photos and pay top dollar.

  • WordtotheWise

    ‘Ye, get over it. You know when you’re out with your android girlfriend, the paps are going to follow you. If you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen!

  • white male

    Kanye you are rich now, you can move out of LA if you are sick of this

  • B3 Fearless

    Ok I didn’t realize what I had to say was so long. I’m going to shut up and get back to work.

  • Truth

    Celebrities make money off of sometimes no work at all. Free clothes, as walking ads and endorsement opportunities due to looking a certain way. There is no such thing as a free lunch. This is the price of fame Kanye… get with the program.

  • Truth

    P.S. I love how Amber put the jeans back neatly and how she was blushing over her man. She is obviously smitten by him 🙂 Cute!

  • Choc

    He needs to shut up and put up! The day the paps stop trying to take his picture will be the day that Amber girl leaves his azz

  • Bringthanoize

    Should have read the fine print in the contract before he sold his soul to lucifer in exchange for his current life of fame………….

  • TM30

    Anyone who has a choice of becoming famous, imo, should just deal with. It’s the life you chose and you must accept the good and the bad. Now with that said, some of these paps are a little out of hand and really need to fall back. Those who invade another’s privacy should be prosecuted.


    Does that pap have on Capris?

  • Truth Goddess

    Both Kanye AND Amber wanted fame and to be in the spotlight, so they have to live with it.

    They’re not going to shut off their cameras now that Kanye wants to fall back from the Paps. Once you sell your soul for fame and fortune, there’s no turning back. This is just a consequence of putting himself out there, especially with all of the stunts Kanye used to pull.

  • http://my242.com/2009/09/kanye-vs-the-paparazzi-again-should-they-back-off-or-should-he-just-get-over-it/ Kanye vs. The Paparazzi AGAIN: Should They Back Off or Should He Just Get Over It??? - My 242

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    Im sleepy…nap time

  • AmyWineHouseFan

    They Keep asking me Shan….. How you get so rich????? Dull I got two Sucessful Busineses Like Dull……YOU DIDN’T KNOW…..
    exactly. That is the most arrogant and stupidest thing to do *complain about publicity*..its simple if you want your privacy dont become a celebrity….hell if anything ill be smiling and waving…cause on the opposite end theyre keeping them famous…so yeah it would be dope to see if the stans and paps went silent for a whole month….my bet would be kanye silly self would be the first one complainin…smh.

  • saturday night sissy fights


    meeeee,going to jail????? that paradise for you.all those muscular men.thats your fantasy not mine..and p.s i do the catching.one day i will catch you,i know you live in tucson arizona.BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  • saturday night sissy fights



  • memchee

    he should get over it and plan..

    more than likely his and her peeps are tipping off the paps.

    Really now! How many people are interested in what kanye is doing.

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