*Bossip Exclusive Rumor Control:* Jamie Foxx’s Sister that has Down Syndrome was Not Allowed in the Club… NOT TRUE!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Sunday night in Atlanta, Jamie Foxx had an after party at the Velvet Room. Rumor is that his sister, Diondra Dixon who has down syndrome, arrived at the club with 35 to 40 people and got into an argument with security.  Then allegedly, the owner of the club went ballistic on her. With a story this crazy, we had to get the real details…

Club Owner:
I did not yell at his sister at all. Jaime Foxx and his family and friends arrived at the club about 2:00AM. At this point, Jamie had about 50 people with him. His sister Deidra Dixon, his mother

and others arrived at the same time and they all walked in together. Then there was an additional 50 people that were apart of his group that I also gave free entry into the club. About 45 minutes passed, and Jamie’s other sister, Diondra Dixon arrived with 40 more people, saying that she was Jamie’s sister. She started yelling and cussing so, Dekalb County Police said that she could not come inside and that she had to leave because of the way she was acting. Once Jamie Foxx found out what happened, he came outside to see what was going on and since the police told Diondra to leave the property, that’s when Jamie and the rest of his family decided to leave also. I think that I was more than fair because I kept up my end of the contract which stated he was only to receive entry for 50 people, and I let that slide and allowed an extra 70 people in which is a total of 120 people and on top of all that he still received his entire fee of $40,0000 but I didn’t yell at his sister Diondra nor did I not allow her in the club.

All the pictures below are also from the event that took place at the Velvet Room on Sunday night. The picture with Jamie giving the lady a kiss with the black and pink shirt on is his sister, Diondra Dixon that has down syndrome but if she was denied access, then how is she in the club taking pictures with her brother while he was turning up a bottle of Patron… SMH

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