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Cosmo Publishes Racist Study

Cosmo has been on the more woke side as of late, even publishing a review of Get Out discussing how white women are dangerous. However, players eff up all the time and this latest article from the publisher has raised some controversy. Citing a “scientific” study based on face shapes, Cosmo published a list of the world’s most beautiful women. Notice anything?

1. Amber Heard: 91.85 percent
2. Kim Kardashian: 91.39 percent
3. Kate Moss: 91.06 percent
4. Emily Ratajkowski: 90.8 percent
5. Kendall Jenner: 90.18 percent
6. Helen Mirren: 89.93 percent
7. Scarlett Johansson: 89.82 percent
8. Selena Gomez: 89.57 percent
9. Marilyn Monroe: 89.41 percent
10. Jennifer Lawrence: 89.24 percent

Yes. White girls. Not only that, but half of them can attribute at least some of their fame to wanting to appear black. This didn’t go over well and reactions were so bad that Cosmo scrubbed the article and the tweet from existence.

Well the internet lives forever and the dragging was epic and deserved.

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