*Bossip Exclusive*: AJ Confirms that He and RHOA Kandi Burruss are NOT Together Anymore and She has Joint Custody of his Twin Girls

- By Bossip Staff

We sat down with Kandi’s EX-Fiancee, AJ, to clear up all the rumors that are going around about him, his life and what he has going on. AJ informed us that everyone has been calling to get him in an interview but he’s declined all of them except us. Aren’t we special…

He sets the record straight about him and Kandi’s relationship, his daughters living with Kandi and what he actually does for a living…

BOSSIP: You already know this is coming… What does AJ do for a living?
AJ: AJ is an Entreprenuer, AJ is a business owner. I do a lot of things not just music but I do have a record that’s out right now called Groupie Love by Big Bank Black. I own a gentlemen’s club and a management company. I can’t just say there is one particular thing I do because I do a lot of things. A lot of people know me and they know what I do, I’m in the entertainment business. I don’t feel like I have a point to prove to anybody… It is what it is. I don’t feel like I have to put my life on display about what I do. That show is called Atlanta Housewives not Atlanta Housemen.

BOSSIP: Kandi mentioned in our interview with her that you have a collection agency, do you still have that???

AJ: My family owns a collection agency. They’ve had that for a couple of years.

BOSSIP: At one point in time, you were connected to Jagged Edge. What did you do with them and do you guys still communicate???
AJ: With Jagged Edge they are like family to me, like my brothers. I assisted with management and road management.

BOSSIP: Did Kandi buy her own engagement ring and do you even know how this rumor came about???
AJ: Haters… haters. People are going to talk and speculate or whatever. People always want to know how I live my life. I live my life for my family and my kids. No, she didn’t buy her own ring… what type of sense does that make.

BOSSIP: We know that you have a total of six kids and four baby mothers, correct?

AJ: Yep

BOSSIP: Do they get along… Is there any drama???
AJ: Of course they get along. Everybody gets along. I don’t have any problems with my kids mothers. Everybody is cool. We are one big family.

BOSSIP: How did they feel when they found out you were engaged to Kandi???

AJ: Well, you know I just came out of a marriage and everybody was not happy about it in the beginning but it’s cool now. Once I move pass a relationship, it’s over and done with. We still communicate because we are raising a son together. Kandi and I, we came together to raise our kids together. She loves the kids and so do I. She’s helping me raise my twins. We might not be together right now but we raise them together.

Kandi decided to take guardianship of your twin girls???

AJ: We… decided to take guardianship of my twins girls. It was just a better situation for them at the time. They came and stayed with us when we were together. They are in a place now where they have a roof and their own rooms and they are happy. Why should I take them out of that environment when they are happy and she’s happy and I don’t want to interrupt that. Plus Kandi is real adamant about helping me raise them. I have legal custody of three of my girls.

BOSSIP: Do you watch the show?

AJ: Nah, I don’t watch it.

BOSSIP: When Riley made that comment that she was not happy about you and Kandi getting married, what would make her say that?
AJ: TV is TV, just because it looks a certain way on TV doesn’t mean it’s real. TV is entertainment. They make things look a certain way and people have to realize that just because that is the way it’s edited, doesn’t mean that is really how it is.

BOSSIP: Were you and Kandi’s mom ever close???
AJ: Yeah, it wasn’t as bad as they made it but we were cool. We had to be, we are a family.

BOSSIP: What about when she walked out of the photo shoot???
AJ: Like I said before, TV makes things appear to be a certain way when it’s not like that. Reality shows are not always what they seem.

Some people say that you are using Kandi???
AJ: That doesn’t make any sense. I came out of the relationship with less than what I came into the relationship with. So, how would I be using somebody… how… People just talk and speculate because I don’t talk about what I do and what I have going on. So, I just let them talk. She knows what’s going on and I know what’s going on. I’m not for the drama and I don’t feed into it. This is my first interview and my last interview. I don’t care what people say, they can say what they want.

BOSSIP: Kandi says that you two are on a hiatus and she told us in our interview that you were working things out at the time…

AJ: We still remain close friends. We called the engagement off but we’re still cool and we are still friends. We are raising the kids together and we still have a family together. Who’s to say that later in the future or whatever it might be better but it’s just a lot going on right now. I’m focusing on my business and she’s focusing on her career. So you know, if time permits it might be or it might not be.

BOSSIP: Are the twins still living with her???

AJ: Of course they are, why would I take them out of a positive situation.

BOSSIP: Did you think that the cameras would put you in the spotlight???

AJ: I didn’t think the focus was going to be on me like that but I’m a team player. I was involved for my significant other and she wanted to do the show. I didn’t even want to do the show because I hate to open myself up to criticism because my life is my life. People should worry about their own life. I’m pretty sure, everybody has skeletons in their own closet. Everybody wants to act so perfect but everybody makes mistakes. I’ve made mistakes in my past but I don’t worry about the past. I worry about the future. That’s what I’m about.

What are your thoughts on NeNe???
AJ: I don’t really have any thoughts about NeNe. It’s TV, everybody is doing it to boost their career. I guess she is just making a career out of it. I see what she doing, she’s hustlin’. I respect the hustle. I can’t judge her character because I don’t know NeNe like that.

BOSSIP: What about when NeNe called into the radio station and brought up the fact that Kandi is marrying her friend’s ex-boyfirend… Can you shed some light on that???
AJ: Well, I just don’t feed into the negativity. People talk and say what they want to say but I’m me. I don’t live my life to please anybody and she [Kandi] doesn’t live her life that way either. We live our lives to please our family. It is what it is… I could care less about that.

How long were you and Tiny together?
AJ: It was brief, I don’t really recall it. It was so many years ago. I don’t worry about the past, I just focus on the future.

You are originally from Atlanta, correct???
AJ: Yep… born and raised.

Word is… NeNe used to be a stripper at Jazze T’s Gentlemen’s Club…. Do you remember her???
AJ: Hole in the wall Jazze T’s [laughing]. WOOOOWWW… I didn’t know about that. Oh… I get it, that’s why she wanted to do the Magic City thing with the pole. Oh okay. I get it [laughing]. Well, I just look at where she is now. The past is the past. Everybody has one.

What about Sheree???
AJ: Sheree is cool. I respect any woman that is trying to get their situation together and trying to make something about themselves. Kim is cool and Lisa is cool too. I respect everybody trying to do their thing. They are using the show as a stepping stone because that’s exactly what it is… A stepping stone. Don’t get caught up in the drama, that’s all I have to say about it.

BOSSIP: Did you ever interact with the other husbands???
AJ: Yeah, I’m cool with Ed and Greg. I talk to them all the time.

Do you know who Big Papa is and have you ever met him???
AJ: Yeah, [laughing] I do… That’s my homie.

Would you like to say who Big Papa is???
AJ: [laughing] Oh no, I don’t get into other people’s relationships and what they do. I don’t have anything to say about that.

There was a rumor going around that since Ed was dropped from the Raiders, he’s now working at Kroger’s, the grocery store…
AJ: Nah, that’s false. Ed has a lot going on. TV is TV. At the end of the day, people are going to say what they want. People are always going to talk about you when they think you’re doing bad but what about when you’re doing good. Talk about the positive. They all just want to talk about the negative. I’m sure what is going on, he’s going to find his way through it.

How are your nephew and son doing since the accident???

AJ: My nephew is doing good right now. It’s been a long road but he’s slowly recovering. He was in a coma for two months, so he’s coming together but God has blessed him through it. He’s getting better with his movement and his speech is also coming along. My son is also doing well.

We interviewed AJ at his business, the gentlemen’s club, Body Tap in Atlanta. He didn’t hesitate on any of the questions at all. He was straight forward with it. So all the rumors can cease and desist… AJ has his own paper and a job!!!

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