Something Called A YesJulz Asked Twitter If She Should Wear A Shirt With The N-Word And Got Rightfully Dragged

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YesJulz Gets Destroyed For Racist Tweet

Ever heard of a YesJulz? Well, she’s a white woman who has become the patron saint of culture vultures, latching on to black culture and calling them “vibes” or whatever. For whatever reason, she’s become recognized as somewhat of an influencer on the internet. And she’s always getting into some isht. For instance, the above tweet she send out last night about a shirt she should wear. Bad move, boo boo.

Julz had a rough night and she deserves it for this clown mess. She probably enjoys the attention but she’s surely not enjoying the slander. Go vibe somewhere else and come back when you’ve learned your lesson. Or never. Whatever.

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