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Radio DJ Breaks Silence On Peter Thomas/Matt Jordan Fight

Remember that little radio interview that transformed into an all-out brawl between Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan? Well the radio jockey that set up the whole meeting, Ms. Jessica from WPEG Power 98, is speaking on the unseen moments that led to the fade session.

She tells Radar Online that the full discussion between the men is about 20 minutes long in total and got pretty heated, but that Matt’s team issues a cease and desist order on the same day of the fight to prevent the footage from seeing the light of day.

However, since Peter plans to sue, he was able to get the video and leak it at will.

“[The fight] was during the time of Matt speaking to blogs and telling blogs that Peter and Todd were coaching him on how to get money from Kenya [Moore], because he was not receiving any money from being on the show.

The beef was that Peter was sort of upset, one, because Matt was using that verbiage that they were ‘coaching Matt.’ And two, Peter was saying that all of the Housewives husbands, we have never gone out and talk to blogs and media about what men discuss. The men don’t do that. the women talk to the blogs, but the men don’t do that. You’re breaking bro code!”

But Matt was upset about Peter ducking and dodging him once he realized he was nuts after giving him his word on a few things:

“Matt’s thing is that if you’re a man and you say you’re going to do something, you need to do it. that also had to go back to Matt coming to go to Peter’s club one weekend during CIAA here in Charlotte, and Matt said that he tried to get into contact with Peter, but he wouldn’t answer the phone.”

Peter tried to tell Matt that like most people who don’t answer phone calls, he was just busy. But Matt wasn’t having it…

“All of a sudden, the interview completely went left, and that’s when you see him calling Peter these nasty names, and that’s when the bottle gets thrown. I mean it was just shocking. Where did this come from.”

As you saw from the footage, Jessica hopped in to intervene between the two men as they pulled box cutters and damaged studio equipment. She mainly blames Matt for losing control and insists that to this day, he has never once apologized for placing her in harm’s way and tearing up their recording studio.

SMH! Well, none of this is too shocking judging by Matt’s erratic behavior on RHOA. We wonder how smoothly this lawsuit will go…




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