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T.I. Blasts Tiny Over Floyd Mayweather

If you’ve been watching “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” then you’ve no doubt seen the unfortunate crumbling of T.I. and Tiny’s marriage, and there’s, even more, drama to come.

After Tiny already faced off with Tip for calling their marriage a “distraction”, the Harris family matriarch sat down with T.I. to hash out their issues over infidelity.

While at dinner T.I. blasts his estranged wife for moving out of their house and Tiny drops a bomb; T.I. cheated with someone she hired–and that’s why she left him.

T.I.: “You left and got a house somewhere else…”

Tiny: “Because you started cheating. Yes, sir,” said Tiny. “For those who don’t understand, Tip had some infidelities with a girl who I hired and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house. […] I ain’t intertwining my soul with no f**** body. It’s totally different from what you’re doing.”

Tip then brings up Tiny visiting the house of someone he doesn’t “f*** with,” According to Tiny just because she was at the person’s house and danced with them, it does NOT mean she slept with them.

T.I.: “You done had yo s*** where you was out with this motherf*** dude you know I don’t f*** with.

Tiny: As a couple?

T.I.: “You was at his house. You was in his house…”

Tiny: “When? We wasn’t together! Don’t speak on it as though you know what you’re talking about like, ‘I know 100% she slept with [redacted].’ How do you know that?! Cause you seen me dancing? You don’t know. […] If he can come and treat me like a woman…”

T.I.: “I spent millions on you, what the f*** are you saying?!”

SMH, this is just sad to watch. There’s obviously a lot of hurt between these two.

What do YOU think about T.I. and Tiny bringing their Floyd Mayweather beef to TV???

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