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9 Things You Should Know About The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

Last night the first Black Bachelorette ever made her debut on network TV. If you’re like us, we’ve never paid attention to “The Bachelor” franchises in the past, just liked they’re kinda ignored us. BUT, in this go-round, Rachel Lindsay greeted a noticeably  diverse cast of potentials, and she has a pretty dynamic background.

Here’s is 9 fast facts you’ll need to know about her.

1. A/S/L?

Rachel is 31, an obvious woman, from Dallas, Texas.

2. She made Bachelor history.

Rachel became the first Black contestant in The Bachelor or The Bachelorette history to earn a first impression rose.


3. She was “scared” to be the first, but she’s focused on the positive side of being a black woman and Bachelorette star.

It’s huge. It’s very humbling to be the first. It was something that, I’ll admit, I was scared to do. All the eyes on you, and people will have their opinions, and they’ll be judging me, some for good and some for bad. Meanwhile, I’m trying to find love. That’s a lot, and I didn’t know if I wanted to go about it in this way.

Then, I thought of the positive. I have the opportunity to represent myself as a black woman to America, and show them that just because I’m black doesn’t mean my search for love has to be any different. There’s a lot of brave people that have paved the way for me to even have the opportunity to be the first black “Bachelorette.”

I’m standing on their shoulders.


4. She’s a lawyer.



5. Her Dad and Matlock inspired her to go to Law School. 

This is what she told ESPN about her career inspiration.

Well, I was a huge “Matlock” fan as a child. My dad is a judge, but he started off as an attorney. He is one of my biggest role models; both of my parents are. So, from a young age, I said I wanted to be an attorney. My focus changed as I got older. My undergraduate [degree] is in sports management [from the University of Texas], and I went to Marquette [University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin] to study sports law. That was my motivation, but now I’m a trial attorney, and it’s where the action is. It’s fun.


6. She LOVES sports & worked for the NBA.

I’m a huge sports fan! Football, basketball, and track are my favorites, but I really enjoy watching all sports. I majored in sports management, and then I worked for an agency and a marketing firm. I actually worked for the university in media relations, interviewing athletes and writing articles for the website. Then, I moved to New York City to do an internship with the NBA, and I worked in the events and attractions department.

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7. She doesn’t believe in ‘love at first sight’.

E! News reported that while she star doesn’t believe in love at first sight, she does believe in connection at first sight.

Source: Elite Daily

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8. She’s tat-tat-tatted up

She has a bible verse on the left side of her waist and the word “Reciprocity” on her rib cage.

Source: Elite Daily

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9.  She wishes she could be Michelle Obama for a day.

Rachel hopes to grow up to be Michelle Obama one day. On her ABC bio, she says if she could be anyone for the day it would be her, adding, “She’s everything!”

Source: Elite Daily





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