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In Nicki MiNas news…

Nicki Minaj Accused Of Faking Nas Relationship

More rumors surrounding Nicki Minaj and Nasir Jones have surfaced and they’re painting a different picture of Nicki MiNas. As previously reported Nicki told Ellen that while she “hates” men post Meek Mill, she’s been having platonic sleepovers with nasty Nas.

According to the folks over at TheJasmineBrand however, Nicki’s Nas coupledom is not only all for show, it’s a carefully orchestrated plot to make Meek Mill miserable. Not only that, Nicki was reportedly fine with Safaree catching some of that shade too after his Wendy Williams interview.

“A source tells us exclusively that Minaj’s camp orchestrated the rapper hooking up with Nas. A source says,
Nicki’s team is adamant in not allowing it to look like she took a loss in her beef with Remy Ma.

She was really mad that her ex-boyfriend (Safaree Samuels) went on Wendy Williams talking about their relationship. And she was even more livid when Rick Ross went on Wendy Williams talking about her relationship with Meek Mill. It just wasn’t a good look, but her team told her to act as if she was unbothered by it.”


There are also claims that that photo of them at Sweetchick restaurant was just a post-studio hangout and nothing more—-but Nicki’s team thought it’d be a good idea to use it to stir up relationship rumors.

“The source says that Nicki had to be in New York for a photo shoot. At that time, she and Nas met up at his Mass Appeal studio. The two weren’t alone, but were with his partner John Seymour (Ceo of Sweet
Chick restaurant). After they left the studio, Nas invited her to Sweetchick and they took a photo together.

The source says,
She went back to the hotel and called her team before posting the photo. She told them that she hadn’t been alone with Nas, so she couldn’t really put it out there as them being something more than just friends. She was like, ‘I don’t want to do this thing with Nas, because I’m not looking for a relationship right now.’”

A team pushing a celebrity to do something they don’t really want to do? Ya don’t say?

And as for those “sleepovers”, Nicki spoke of??? NEVER HAPPENED, says TheJasmineBrand, even though they’ve allegedly done “other things.”

(Did you put it on his side burns, Onika???)

“She has never had a sleepover at his house. In fact, I think she was just humoring Ellen. You know to be tongue in cheek, but she has spent time with him. And no, they didn’t have sex, but they did do other things.

The source continues, She is very attracted to Nas but she has no real intention on being with him. They are so different. She LOVES attention and Nas is extremely private and low-key. The only time he leaves the house is to work or go out to eat to promote his restaurant.

Nicki is only putting their situation out there because it’s a good look in the media. But she’s not really into him.”

Nicki’s not really into Nas??? PO’ DAT.

Do YOU think Nicki’s Nas relationship is fake???

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According to a BOSSIP source, Nicki and Nas were actually having sleepovers and no, they were not platonic.

Instead, while they’ve hooked up a “few times”, Nasir’s allegedly over his time with Nicki and is “bored” with being with a woman who “treats him like a fan who got to fulfill a fantasy.”  Their words, not ours.

O U C H.

What do YOU believe in this Nicki/Nas situation??? Are they really hooking up???

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