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2 Chainz Clears Up “Purse” Accusations

Another day, another rapper rocking a pocketbook??

Well, not exactly. 2 Chainz is the latest rapper to be accused of going a little too femme with his style for some folks’ sensitive style tastes. However, the ATL rapper was QUICK to clap back and let Instagram’s concerned fashion coalition of commenters know what was really going on.

The kerfuffle all began when Mr. Chainz posted pics from his recent appearance at an LA radio station, draped in designer labels (of course) and rocking a Goyard messenger bag.

Certain commenters were quick to call out 2 Chainz for rocking a “purse” and questioned why the rapper would adopt the new “effeminate” style a lot of younger rappers are accused of perpetuating.

BUT 2 Chainz posted a throwback pic and clued in the uninformed that 1. It’s a messenger bag, not a womens’ purse, and 2. He and other street dudes have been rocking them for YEARS, with good reason:

Let’s be very clear !! I been wearing Gucci from the beginning. ! I also been wearing messenger bags with racks in it !! This was symbolic of having bands !! Messenger bags were started by BMF who we all know were street millionaires who inspired other people from the street , that being said that bag Shit started with us for us by us !! Dufflebag boyz video came out in 2007 !! Ten years ago and that where the swag coming from ! Point blank period !!! Ps video shot in a real trap off Godby Road !! Soufside !!Pls don’t get this shit confused !! I AM VERY SOLID #logoho then and now #drenchGOD #prettygirlsliketrapmusic 6/16

Well, there you have it. The bag in question was CLEARLY not a purse, but at least 2 Chainz was able to clear up the culture, for those who don’t know and just freak out whenever they see a man using something other than his pockets.

Of course, now that everyone knows his bag is full of racks, he might want to look into beefing up security…

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