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Siovaughn Funches’ Lawyer Says She Should Have Challenged Divorce Settlement

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife has blasted her former lawyer for claiming that she’s to blame for not getting a larger divorce settlement with the Chicago Bulls player.

Lawyer Brian Hurst recently asked the judge to dismiss Siovaughn Funches’ malpractice suit because he said that she should have challenged the divorce judgment before suing him in order to minimize her financial losses.

But Funches said that basically meant that she’d would have had to “rescue” him with the appeal after what she said was his major screwup of her divorce deal.

Hurst said in court papers that Funches would have fared better if she appealed the ruling and not sued him instead.

However, Funches argued in court papers that her not appealing the divorce wasn’t reason enough for the case to be thrown out. She said it was perfectly legal for her not to appeal the divorce judgment, and even if she had and the court reversed the judgment, Hurst would still be liable for his poor handling of the case.

Funches sued Hurst for legal malpractice, alleging that he totally botched her divorce suit against Wade, which resulted in what she believed was a lowball payout. A judge threw out Funches’ initial case against Hurst, but after Wade signed a two-year, $47.5 million contract with the Chicago Bulls, the judge ruled that she could amend her original complaint.

Under the divorce deal, Funches got $5 million and the marital home, but said in court papers that she was entitled to much more, and would have gotten it if not for Hurst’s alleged legal negligence. The mom insisted she could have gotten at least $10 million but her lawyer never shared evidence of Wade’s business contracts – income that she felt she was entitled to because he earned that money while they were married.

Hurst asked a judge to dismiss the malpractice case, but Funches said in court docs that Hurst doesn’t have the evidence, legal precedent or the right interpretation of case law to back it up.

Funches wants the judge to deny Hurst’s motion for dismissal and let the case proceed to trial. The judge has yet to make a decision on the matter.



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