La La Reveals Who LaKeisha’s Sexing On ‘Power’ Season 4

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Actress & TV Personality Stars On Starz! Show “Power”

“Power” fans will be in for a big surprise this season when co-star Lala Anthony returns to the hit show.

Anthony plays LaKeisha, the best friend of James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s wife Tasha, and last season, viewers questioned whether the drug dealer Milan had killed her as part of his bitter feud with Ghost.

But LaKeisha is definitely back on the show, and although her character was more on the sidelines, Anthony said LaKeisha will play a bigger role in the new season.

“Now, people get to see more of LaKeisha and what she’s about and see her in different scenarios and relationships,” Anthony told BOSSIP. “And as an actress, that’s really exciting, because I have more to dig my teeth into.”

Anthony, who recently split from her husband NY Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, said she draws inspiration for her character, a single mom who owns a salon, from being a mother to her son Kiyan, 10.

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“For me, I’m a parent in real life, so I just take that maternal instinct from being a mom to Kiyan and take that to being a mom to Cash on Power,” Anthony said. “And it’s the same kind of ‘I’ll do anything for my son, whatever the cost is.’ So I just bring that to LaKeisha’s relationship with her son.”

LaKeisha also has a new love interest – none other than Tommy Egan – who helped her out after she disappeared. The pair seems to have quite the chemistry on screen as they enjoy an erotic love scene.

“It was terrifying,” Anthony said of getting undressed in front of the cameras. “We’re women. Anytime you’ve got to take your clothes off, it’s a terrifying thing…All I can do is hope that it worked out well.”

But Anthony said another relationship that goes more in depth is that of her character and best friend/sometimes frenemy Tasha.

“I think LaKeisha always wanted to be Tasha,” Anthony said. “She may have felt, ‘why her and not me? Why does she get the life? Why does she get the guy and not me?’ So that creates a lot of complications in the friendship.”

All in all, Anthony said viewers would be in for a wild ride with her character, who desperately wants to be part of the glamorous side of the drug dealing lifestyle.

“LaKeisha’s need to want to be in that world is so bad,” she said. “I think this season she understands that that comes with a price. But then you realize you’re in too deep to get out.”

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