Venus & Serena’s Father Richard Williams Files For Divorce From Young “Gold-Digging” Second Wife

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Richard Williams Files For Divorce From Young Second Wife

Venus & Serena’s 75-year-old father Richard Williams is going through a nasty divorce with his 38-year-old second wife Lakeisha…and it’s turning into a big game of he said she said in court.

Richard claims his wife Lakeisha — who’s only about a year older than his daughter Venus, by the way — is after his cash and has been sneakily transferring over property he’s purchased into her name.

In court docs obtained by TMZ, he claims his wife of 7 years has forged his name on the deed to one of his home to reflect herself as the owner, and done the same number to a few of his cars. He also believes that she has stolen and cashed some of his social security checks, and taken a few of his guns.

To top it all off, Richard says that Lakeisha has moved out and is now living with someone with “serious criminal, felony charges pending,” which he feels endangers the safety of the five-year-old son they share together.

Of course…Lakeisha has a totally different side of the story. She claims that Richard is paranoid, hostile, and has been acting erratically for some time now. She says SHE’S the one that’s worried about their son’s well-being, and that’s why she snatched all the guns Richard’s accusing her of taking — including an AK-47 — out of the home for fear they’d be used against her or their child.

She also claims she’s basically been raising their kid on her own since she had him, since her 75-year-old husband seems to not want to be involved with anything pertaining to the little boy’s upbringing. She claims his teachers and doctors can back this claim up 100%.

Hmmm, this one is….interesting. Do you think Venus and Serena’s dad is being taken for a ride by his young second wife…or is he getting a little shaky in the mind in his old age and she’s just looking out for the best interest of herself and her child?


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