What Celibacy? Ceaser Says He Smashed Karlie Redd To Smithereens–But What Does Karlie Think?

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Rumor control…

Ceaser From “Black Ink” Denies Celibate Relationship With Karlie Redd

Ceaser from “Black Ink” is doing his best to expose his ex. As previously reported the tattoo artist/reality star was seen on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” this season in a celibate relationship with Karlie Redd.

Now however it looks like they’ve both moved on; Karlie’s currently single and Ceaser’s rumored to be getting close to Persuasian of “Bad Girls Club” fame.

Before their new relationship statuses were revealed, however, Cease did an interview with VH1 and sassily shaded Karlie. According to Cease things got messy when his “sister” Sky from Black Ink partied with Karlie’s nemesis, Tommie…

“Karlie was there,” said Ceaser. “Karlie was acting funny to [Sky]. [Sky] approached her like “Hey, wassup girl?” ‘Cause [Karlie] was just at my house. That’s the funny s–t. That’s why its so funny cause the way she was acting it was like you don’t know Sky, so [she was] like “Yo, whatup sis?” [Karlie’s] like “Heyyyy who you came here with?” [Sky’s] like “Tommie,” and then she must’ve said something to Sky like “bad move” or something like that and they got into it so from then it’s just been you know been a whole little riff.”

and later cheating allegations surfaced.

“Listen… She came over my house, talking about “Tommie, Tommie, Tommie.” It was like a whole situation I just got put in the middle of, because Sky and Tommie is wild cool, so when we came down here, we talked to Karlie about the whole situation. Karlie [didn’t] had no problems with Tommie. [But] when Sky and Tommie had went to Kandi’s birthday party, it all erupted. Sky shows up with Tommie [and] Karlie felt some type of way. It was just a whole messy little situation. […] I wouldn’t say we [me and Tmmie] never kicked it alone…”

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Cease also added that they were NOT celibate and when Karlie announced their celibacy she’d JUST given him some sloppy toppy.

“Listen, listen. That s—t’s a joke. When we went and made the announcement, she had my— how can I say this and be polite, um—she just finished giving me fellatio. So how we celibate? In the car driving there. So, put it like this: that celibacy was a f—ing joke. Karlie Redd celibate. My a**.”


Karlie’s since responded to Ceaser’s celibacy denial, hit the flip.

Karlie appeared on BOSSIP on WE tv this week and completely denied Ceaser’s claims. During a game of “F***, Marry, Kill” Karlie promptly said she’d kill Ceaser; “He’s dead to me. We didn’t have sex so you’re dead.” said the LHHATL star.

She added however that when she first met Ceaser she was turned on by his lips. “I’m not giving you none unless you’re working those big a** lips,” said Karlie.

Who do YOU believe???

VH1: Did your Black Ink family have any opinions of your relationship with Karlie?

Ceaser: “That s–t was so short, haha. You gotta understand, I don’t even – I only been in Atlanta for what 3-4 months if that? Since March, we opened up Black Ink Atlanta? I ain’t been here that long. Why she sayin’ that “He don’t got a car, but I got a house?” I could go buy me a car if I want. But I had Uber named Karlie Redd so…I ain’t need a car.”

VH1: How did you feel that time Karlie brought you as her date to her store opening, knowing Joc would be there?

Ceaser: “I ain’t gon’ lie, I did feel played with that whole situation when I walked in, I’m like “What the f–k is this?” because she hit me with the, “Baby, baby please this the grand opening, support me,” this and that I’m like “All right.” When you see what it is you like, “Oh word? B—h trifling ass.”

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