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Masika Kalysha Clarifies Why She’s Dodging Alexis Skyy Meeting

Sis, didn’t y’all break up? Move on.

Last night on the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, reality tv audiences got introduced to Atlanta IG model Alexis Skyy. Alexis had one mission in LA, that was to confront Masika over her ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap. We have to rewind a bit, because there was a few things fishy about her introduction.

First, Alexis was “meeting” with Nikki Baby, conveniently while Hazel E was there, looking like a Nikki knockoff this season. Last we saw, Nikki and Masika were cool, what happened?? That’s apparently a mystery to Sika too.

Nikki says Masika was actually talking ish in an interview about her with Moniece and provided receipts. Do you think Masika was being shady here?

Whoops, she spilled Nikki’s tea after she was messing with a married baller…yikes. But, she says this was AFTER he meeting with Alexis.

Back to Alexis. The episode ended with her arguing with Masika’s friend Zell over her whereabouts. Alexis made it extra clear she NEEDED to talk to Masika, because she had a baby with her boyfriend. Alexis was extra hostile, with Nikki Baby gassing the whole thing. Drinks were thrown. End scene. Now Masika is clarifying why, for all the people who say she’s “scared” to face Alexis over their “overlapping” Fetty affair.

How does “telling her side” to Fetty Wap’s ex, ex, ex, chick makes things better? Masika said she was “trying to hold on to some type of integrity” in this situation, and it got her demoted.

Do you think avoiding Alexis was the right move?




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