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2 Outta 3 White Folks Won’t Challenge Black Man’s Opinion On Game Show Race-Related Question

This clip is a prime example of how some folks just don’t know better while most are smart enough to just STFU when a black man knows what he’s talking about. On an upcoming episode of “Divided” they asked four contestants “What do black Americans consider the two most important problems facing this country?” One of the contestants was certain he knew the answer better than the others because he’s a BLACK AMERICAN… But another contestant wasn’t so sure.

Black Americans question turns awkward really fast — on DIVIDED, Thursday, August 31 from Game Show Network on Vimeo.

SMH @ ol’ girl trying to argue there are plenty of jobs… But how comedy was it when the host asked the other two contestants if they disagreed with bruh?

DIVIDED is part game show, part social experiment, as four strangers must work together, tackling questions related to hot-button issues and they must come to a consensus on their answers, to accumulate a cash jackpot. Later, the contestants must all agree on how to divide up the prize money, and the amounts are drastically unequal! It’s a show where the best player doesn’t always win, and often the strongest and loudest personality comes out on top. DIVIDED airs Thursday at 9 & 9:30pm ET/PT, exclusively on GSN.


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