No Objections, Your Honor: Yvonne Orji Explains Molly’s #InsecureHBO Finale Moment With Quentin

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Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO

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Yvonne Orji And Lil Rel Speak On The “Insecure” Season Finale

During last night’s “Insecure” season 2 finale viewers saw the moment that Molly finally gave in and gave a good [unmarried] guy a chance.


After Quentin came from Chicago to visit Molly and helped her land her an interview with a black law firm, Molly and her “homie” took a moment to celebrate after a long night with some Hennesy. Things quickly got steamy however and Molly finally took him out the friend zone, long enough to let another “Insecure” couch smash session happen.

Unfortunately, Quentin’s couch moves weren’t enough to keep Molly on the hook because she later got dolled up in lingerie and welcomed her open marriage having boo Dro back into her good graces (and good pannies).

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO

And as we all wait to see more of Molly’s messy love life in Insecure season 3, BOSSIP decided to go straight to the source for some answers.

BOSSIP was on hand with Molly [Yvonne Orji] and Quentin [Lil Rel] during last night’s “Insecure” finale for a Facebook Live where they dished on their characters’ post friend zone hook up.

According to Yvonne, Quentin was redeemed for putting in the work to woo Molly and according to Rel, he can personally relate to the character who successfully steered himself from just a friend to a potential mate.

Lil Rel: You can too [get out the friend zone], I’ve been doing this my whole life. I’m serious, it’s a patience to it. That’s what I like about Quentin’s character.

Yvonne: Quentin was putting in that work. He was doing that slow Chicago on her…

Lil Rel: If you’ve been a nerd your whole life when you go to college you start looking cooler. You around other smart people, if you’re from the ghetto and you’re the only smart person at your school, until college is when you meet like minds. You’re like ‘Damn, I did hang with dope dealers and I’m a lot cooler than these dudes.’ So you get this confidence. ‘I got a great job, I dress well every day, I actually got bread…’

Yvonne: You slim thick…

Lil Rel: Slim thick! If you mess with me cool, if you don’t that’s all on you. As much as they look at the pretty boys as the ones who got all the girls, what makes you think this dude don’t got a Rolodex either? He know what he like. He saw something he liked; a match, a successful black lawyer.

Yvonne: I think a lot of dudes underestimate what women really want, they just really want consistency and someone who makes an effort and is not playing games. […] He was doing all the things [that she liked.]

In addition to speaking on Quentin and Molly, the actors dished on that emotional moment when Issa and Lawrence apologized to each other.

Watch Yvonne Orji and Lil Rel on our Facebook Live below.

More of Yvonne and Rel on the flip.

Actress/girlfriend to Chris Rock Megalyn Echikunwoke was also on hand.

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