Trump “Withdraws” Warriors’ Invitation To 1600 STFU Ave After Steph Curry “Hesitates”

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Steph Curry Doesn’t Want To Go To White House So Trump Withdraws Invite

Fresh off of his new batch of racially incendiary comments about the NFL, America’s sensitive burnt sienna POTUS is once again butt-hurt by someone who hasn’t torn an ACL in a rush to kiss his rusty wrinkled a$$.

Since they walked of the court with the Larry O’Brien trophy back in June, the question that has been circulating around sports conversations is: “Are the Warriors REALLY going to go shake hands and be chummy with Donald f**kin’ Trump at the White House?”

During media day yesterday, Steph Curry provided an answer:

In typical d!ck-measuring fashion, Donald hopped on Twitter to retort with a 140-character version of “you can’t fire me, I quit!”

That’s right. Getting an invite to breathe air with a man such as Donald Trump is an honor and a privilege according to Donald Trump.

This the same guy who said that there were “very fine” Nazis?

The responses are HOT. Flip the page.

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