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Tina Campbell Responds To Trump Criticism

Tina Campbell KNOWs you’re big mad that she voted for Trump and she swears (in Jesus’ name) that she couldn’t care less. The Mary Mary songstress was joined by her sister Erica Campbell on “The Real” today to dish on the final season of their reality show. While there Tina also took time to address the elephant in the room; her crazy azz comments about voting for Trump because of his “Christian values.”

“What I said is if during your campaign what you said appealed to me and it appealed to my Christian values more than the other candidate, then when it comes down to it, I chose based on my faith,” said Tina. “I didn’t really like either one of the candidates if I could just be honest.

But it was two people that had a chance of winning, I voted based on my faith. Do I agree with everything that’s being done and being said? No,” she added.

“Do I promote and advocate that? No. And do I choose to give any of my time about my right to vote and my opinion behind it? Not all so next question.”

She’s also adding that in her letter from February she said that she doesn’t “stand with Trump”, she prays for him.

“I’m a Christian I’m supposed to pray for the leader, stand with does not mean I agree with everything.

Again, she won’t clarify what Christian values she’s speaking of. (Abortion? Gay marriage?) THEREFORE she’s still sounding headazz as hell and she’s still getting dragged.

C’mon Tina.

See what her sister Erica thinks about Trump on the flip.

Prior to “The Real” Erica spoke out on her “Get Up Mornings” radio show about her sister’s comments. And while she didn’t let the holy chopper spray on her sis, she made it clear that she doesn’t agree.

“To those who say she’s canceled, GOD gave Tina her gift,” said Erica. “Everybody is not going to like Donald Trump… But, I’m a Christian, so I believe the word of God says we’re supposed to vote for the person in the seat of leadership.”

“I do not stand with Donald Trump,” said Erica. “I require more answers, I require more accountability. I would like my president to be intelligent; to have awareness of the world, and not just his world and his fear.

I appreciate my sister’s boldness. This is America. We should be free to say what we want, and not be vilified or bashed. But I do know this, to those who say she’s canceled… God gave [Tina] her gift, and whether you buy her record or not, God put her there. It’s not your position to say what she can or can’t… will or will not…move forward and progress, [and] be great. Because we all disagree sometimes.

Adriana M. Barraza/

Everybody is not going to like Donald Trump… But, I’m a Christian, so I believe the word of God says we’re supposed to vote for the person in the seat of leadership,” she added.

“But, in that seat of leadership, I require you to give us, the American people, some answers. We require you to be… to have integrity, to have character, to have self-control, to have wisdom, to have a Cabinet to understand the world that [Donald Trump] doesn’t seem to understand.

I love my sister and she’s free to have her opinion. But, I don’t stand with Donald Trump. I’ma pray for him because I am supposed to, but I don’t stand with him.”

The dragging Tina’s receiving now is even more brutal than ever.


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