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High School Girls Post Video Of Them Screaming Racist Remark

Five white high school girls in Utah were caught on camera having the time of their lives being bigots. The girls recorded a video in a car of themselves smiling, laughing, and above all, yelling, “f**k n***ers” at the top of their lungs. Apparently, this repulsive video was recorded over a year ago, but one of the girls decided to share it to her social media account just a few days ago.

A black student who refers to himself as someone who used to be friends with these girls posted the video to twitter, obviously disappointed by the entire thing.

The video itself seems to have been posted in reverse, with the girls saying a phrase that would equate “f**k n***ers” when played backwards. Each Becky took their turn yelling, “serggin cuff,” into the camera, which was then reversed and posted to one of the girls social media page. The one who posted it did so with the caption, “serggin cuff,” possibly thinking that because they didn’t acccctually say a racial slur, they’d be all good.

But all good they are most definitely not. In a “Twitter, do your thing” moment for the books, people rallied to get the girls’ names off their accounts and contact the school they go to. Apparently 3 of the 5 are on the cheerleading squad, and people were hoping to get them kicked off. Many accounts of people calling the school resulted in finding out the the whole faculty was in a long meeting about that very matter.

Though the girls all deleted their social media pages after the incident, one returned briefly to post a now-deleted Instagram photo with the caption: “I’m not a f***ing racist. The person I’m closest to is black and have always loved them. Just thought I would set the record straight.”

No word from the school yet on whether or not they have ended up punishing these dumbazz kids, but a spokesperson for the school district said that although the video was not made at school, they are taking the matter very seriously and “appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if the students involved are found to have violated the school’s code of conduct.”

How hard is it just to stop doing racist isht?! Or at least to stop snitching on ya damn selves while doing it????

Check out some tweets after the flip of reactions to the disturbing video


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