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Was Hazel E Fired From “Love & Hip Hop” For Her Colorism Rant?

See what happens when you’re stupid AND look like Ernest?

Hazel E’s (pretty much nonexistent) career might be over after that ridiculous rant she went on about “dark butts” hating her for her light skin and cosigned her boyfriend’s “gays should burn in hell” comment.

After hours of chatter about her actions, it looks like there could actually be repercussions for the Alf adjacent homophobe courtesy of “Love & Hip Hop” creator Mona Scott Young.

After Hazel’s disgusting comments went viral, Mona posted an anti-bullying message on her Instagram. “People who spew hate, in truth hate themselves” #SpiritDay #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords,” she wrote.

Hmmmmm sounds like someone just got the Mutombo finger. Fans are now threatening to boycott the show if Hazel E isn’t booted off.

“If she don’t fire her then #boycott, any other show would have fired her yesterday,” wrote one fan.

“If your [sic] against bullying, I expect Hazel E to be fired,” added another.

Good riddance Hazel. NO one’s jealous of your light skin and NO, you won’t be missed.

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Do YOU think Hazel E’s getting fired from “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood”??? There’s no way they could defend bringing her back another season, right?

Hazel’s former friend Milan Christopher EVISCERATED her for her homophobic comments and called on Viacom, Mona and VH1 to fire her.

“Now @monascottyoung & @stefateaser & @vh1 – this woman and her disgusting a** pet are downright f**** disgusting. This can not be tolerated @viacom this IS NOT THE TYPE OF PEOPLE THAT SHOULD REPRESENT your network,” wrote Milan. “I guarantee you’re going the same place your old nose, double copper a** music & all the cum of Katt Williams you tried to fill your barren wasteland of a vagina with trying to catch a baby and a bag, you trash a** coke head a** b****.


Masika Kalysha’s threatening to beat the brakes off Hazel.

“Security can’t save you,” wrote Kalysha.

Hazel’s “best friend” Miles Brock is adamant that she’s not homophobic.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuure. You should be ashamed, sir.

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