Just, Go To Jail: Judge Tosses Jelani Maraj’s Mistrial Request After 10-Year-Old Testifies Against Him In Rape Case

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Nicki Minaj’s Brother Denied Mistrial Request

Jelani Maraj’s request for a mistrial was just denied by a Mineola Judge according to Newsday.

Yesterday, we reported that the brother of superstar Nicki Minaj was named in a testimony by the 10 year-old sibling of his alleged victim. The child, whose identity is being protected,  confirmed in his testimony that he walked in on Maraj sexually assaulting his sister. The boy said in his testimony, he saw Maraj behind the little girl while she was bent over the bed. The were reportedly in an unlit, spare bedroom.

Maraj’s lawyers are apparently upset that they didn’t get to ask the little boy questions whilr he testified. Reportedly he had mentioned something about settlement money to a caseworker. The defense thinks that’s enough to prove that the boy and his family are out for money, instead of justice. Unfortunately for them, the Judge did not give a DARN.

Supreme Court Justice Robert McDonald denied a motion from the lawyer of Jelani Maraj for a mistrial, after a protest that the “defense wasn’t allowed to confront a 10-year-old witness”, with questions about a “settlement agreement.” McDonald said in court Tuesday he had learned that there may have been attempts to reach a civil settlement to avoid a trial – attempts “many months after the arrest.” But he said he “made a determination” on what he “thought was right” in making his ruling.

Additionally, scientist Erika Ziemak testified Tuesday about a stain on the victims PJ’s being “consistent” with the defendant’s DNA profile. It’s not looking to good for ya boy, Nicki. SMH.



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