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Twitter Will Always Protect Aaliyah At All Costs

If there’s any cultural icon that Black Twitter will defend with their life, it’s Aaliyah. No matter how big a fan someone is of the late singer, every time she comes up in conversation, absolutely zero slander is tolerated. Since her untimely passing in 2001, Aaliyah has been up there with Tupac and Biggie with how passionately her fans defend the legacy she’s left behind.

With such a huge legacy and die-hard fans that still defend Baby Girl’s honor daily, the wrong person paying tribute on Halloween can ignite flames throughout timeline–and it’s really no surprise that people who love Aaliyah and people who hate Kim Kardashian are one in the same, for the most part.

Kim payed tribute to musical icons for Halloween by dressing up as Cher, Madonna, and you guessed it, Aaliyah. Many fall under the belief that as long as someone doesn’t use black face/isn’t blatantly offensive for a Halloween costume, white people are fine paying tribute to their favorite black figures for the holiday. But we are talking about Kim Kardashian here, so whether her costume was actually offensive or people just love Aaliyah and don’t want the two compared is a pretty blurred line.

Hit the next page to see Twitter go all the way in on Kim K’s decision to wear Aaliyah’s look from the “Try Again” music video. What do y’all think, is her costume actually offensive, or you just hate Kim and don’t want her in the same sentence as Aaliyah?


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