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Remy Ma And Azealia Banks Are Going At It On Instagram

Azealia Banks has already made her rounds trying to call out each and every female rapper with any sort of relevance, and it looks like the next stop on the train is Remy Ma. Though she long slandered Nicki Minaj in the past, she recently apologized and now seems to be trying to get on her good side: first calling Cardi B the “poor man’s Nicki Minaj” and now going in on Remy Ma for writing “Nicki Minaj love letters.”

Banks posts a screenshot of a quote from Remy Ma’s recent E Bro In The Morning interview, then in the caption wrote about how she thinks Remy has an unhealthy obsession with Minaj, she doesn’t count in the female rap convo anymore, and how she had to go on Love & Hip Hop to gain her buzz after being in jail.

Shortly afterward, Remy responded by posting multiple screenshots of text messages from Azealia over the past year. The texts are allllll over the place, but show Banks talking about not being able to book shows, selling clothes to pay rent, and lastly, talking a whole lot of isht about Nicki Minaj and her lack of Grammy wins. She also calls Remy one of her favorite rappers, among a bunch of other musical compliments–obviously contradicting the caption she posted.

After Remy responded, Azealia went back and changed the caption on her photo to the current one, while basically emphasizing the same sentiment as before.

Remy then posted even more screenshots of Azealia both talking about wanting to get her pu**y reupholstered and hating on Nicki Minaj times 1,000. Banks claims that nobody has cared about Nicki since her relationship with Meek, her music is trash, and also preaches how black girls shouldn’t fight in public….LOL.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious Azealia is simply picking names out of a hat every other month to start a beef and get some publicity, but it’s still pretty entertaining. Especially the part about her…erm, “beef curtains.”



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