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LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 15: THE TALK announced live today that GRAMMY Award winner Eve Jeffers Cooper has joined as a new host of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show. She made her official debut today, Tuesday, Nov. 14 (2:00-3:00 PM, ET/1:00-2:00 PM, PT), joining Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood. Previously, Eve appeared on the show as a guest co-host the week of Oct. 30.

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BOSSIP Interviews Rapper/Actress Eve About Her New Role On CBS “The Talk”

BOSSIP Managing Editor Janeé Bolden recently sat down with rapper/actress Eve about her role as the newest host to join the ladies on CBS’. Check out their chat below.

Janeé Bolden Eve Jeffers Cooper

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Janeé Bolden: Congratulations on your new role, we’re sure you’ve heard it enough but it’s great to see your evolution.

EVE: I love that word, I have to say, being in this position, we’ve talked about it, my friends and stuff, this probably wasn’t the planned thing but it just came at a perfect time and it feels perfect. I love it.

JB: You’ve done TV before but that was scripted, this is live daytime talk, how is it different?

E: I feel like I’m on theatre every day. The great thing for me is the only people who know my personality, like the ins and outs, are friends and people who spend time with me, so this is a great platform to allow people to see who I am and see my personality and I feel like I’ve never really had that platform before to really show people. So that’s an exciting thing for me.

Is it hard sharing your personal experiences and opinions?

EVE: It can be, I’ve teared up twice since I’ve been on the job already, but at the same time it’s kinda nice. I’m not the best at social media, I feel like I don’t share that much. I am a slow sharer, so being on this, where you are talking about topics and stuff — my first week I was like ‘I don’t know if I want to say this much…’ — but after I started opening up, it actually feels good. It actually feels nice that there could be people in the audience or people watching that feel the same way. It’s nice, the support that you get from the audience.

It was only your first or second day when there was so much controversy with Nicki Minaj’s fans

EVE: Yes child. That was like my second day at work. I realize I’m on a show like this. No matter what we say or what we talk about, good or bad, people are going to have an opinion and I’m just going to have deal with it.

Some people don’t deserve responses. Any kind of social media, you kinda want to clapback, but you’re giving them what they’re looking for. I’m learning, I’m definitely learning but at the same time everyone is entitled to their opinions regardless.

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LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 15: The ladies of The Talk on the CBS Television Network. From left, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Julie Chen, shown.

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What’s been some of the advice you’ve gotten from the other hosts?

EVE: It’s been really nice being with a group of women, first of all, so comfortable with themselves. It’s nice that they’ve been together so long and they’ve accepted me. I think I got some great advice from everyone. Sheryl gave me some good tips. My first week I was like, ‘I’m so scared.’ and she was like ‘Use it. I’m scared every time I do it.’

If you notice, when she comes out she and Sharon Osbourne hold hands. I was like ‘that’s so sweet.’ Julie is like ‘You learn on the job,’ and Sara has given some really great advice. it’s been good.

How long was the process of joining as co-host and what was it like?

EVE: It didn’t take that long. I came out that first week and did that test week. The next week I went back home to London. I got a call probably that Wednesday or Thursday, saying they’re gonna make a decision soon and then by like Monday or Tuesday they were like ‘They want you.’ I was like, ‘Wait a minute, what?’ Because my husband and I were like ‘What are we going to do if this happens?’ and he was like, ‘We’ll deal with it,’ and then it was like, ‘Let’s deal with it if it happens,’ and then when it did it was one of those ‘Yay! Oh sh**!’ kinda things, but he’s so supportive and he loves California and my stepkids love California. They were excited like ‘Are we gonna go to school out there?’ I was like, ‘Let me just get the job first.’ It’s exciting, it’s an exciting chapter. I stepped back for awhile, so to get to come back on this kind of platform is amazing. I feel very happy and blessed to be here.

Coming from hip-hop it’s great to see you evolve into a role like this

EVE: I feel lucky for that as well. Wow, coming from hip-hop and being able to be here. I was talking about this last night. For me, Queen Latifah has always been the blueprint, and other male rappers as well, Will Smith and Ice Cube. Why not? Why can’t we evolve and why can’t we do the things that feel natural to us?

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American rapper Eve attends the annual One For The Boys Charity Ball at the Landmark Hotel in London. She attended the event with her husband Maximillion Cooper who she married in 2014 in Ibiza.

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Up until recently, you were living in London where the big news is the royal engagement.

EVE: I think it’s incredible. I guess he was never going to marry someone normal for the royal family, because he’s always been left. They look really good together and they look happy so I think it’s great.

Post Malone was recently dragged for saying people don’t listen to rap for depth…

EVE: They don’t now, but back in the day, you had to say something. If you were calling yourself a lyricist or MC you had to say something or people would call you out for it. I came from Ruff Ryders, I had to make sense. Nowadays, whew!

That’s why I love Kendrick though. I am a hardcore Kendrick fan. I love him because he is always saying something, he’s speaking to people and he’s not preachy. It’s just real and he’s vulnerable and open about things he’s been through, and I feel like with music, that as a musician, regardless if it’s hip-hop or whatever it is, you’re supposed to be helping to move the needle, helping to start a conversation or inspiring people in some kinda way. I’m a huge Kendrick fan. The rest of these people … [sighs] There’s some definite great songs out but there’s not many people I want to throw the album on. I miss those days.

Do you have a say as far as guests for the show?

Not yet, I just started. It’s such an open, dialogue and so nice. I hope so, but I think I have so much to learn just being here and soaking it up and trying to get comfortable. My stomach is still in knots. The other thing too, because it’s live, legal came to me the first week and they were like just so you know if you need anything we’re the legal team, if you need any information and I was like, ‘What if I say “fu**” and they were like ‘There is a delay and there is a person with their finger on a button.’ I had to ask because that’s my favorite curse word, so if I get flustered it’s like ‘Fu**!’

Hopefully you guys enjoyed. Have you tuned into “The Talk” since Eve joined as host? You can watch the show at 2pm EST/1pm CST on CBS.

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