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Sky Reacts To Her Son Genesis’ Behavior On “Black Ink Crew”

It’s been well over a decade since Sky from “Black Ink Crew” saw her oldest son and things are clearly NOT copacetic between them. If you watched last night’s episode then you no doubt saw the moment that Sky finally sat down with her oldest son Genesis after a 15-year estrangement.

Genesis who did an interview slamming Sky at ex-Black Inker Dutchess’ shop, is at first unresponsive to his mother’s explanation for putting him and his brother up for adoption.

But when Sky claims that her history in group homes and former employment at Macy’s was the reason why she couldn’t adequately care for him, Genesis explodes; “That’s some bulls–t bro!” says the teen who suddenly stands up and knocks over items on a table.
Security then sweeps in and Genesis violently attacks them.

According to Sky, it was important for her to show the scene to bring awareness to adoption despite what people like Dutchess, Gossip Viv and fans think;

“Could Give A F*** Bout A Bum A** Crusty Lipped HatIn B***That Used To Compliment Me Like #Dutchess who Shops Numbers Are doing TERRIBLE (I’ve been Told by 1 of your employees) & That Tries To Stay Relevant via Me Or My Thievin Ass Ex Manager Chase That Her & Her A** Kissin “Friend” #CouponViv (remember when You Met Me ☺️ You Almost Cried And wanted a pic )


She also added this, which has people wondering if she and Genesis are still estranged;

“I’ve Learned To Accept The Things I Can Not Change.”

Poor thang.

What do YOU think about Sky’s son exploding on Black Ink???


More on the flip.

Sky’s younger son was much more open to their reunion.

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